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Hi all, I have just purchased and set up a brand new computer purchased from my local computer retailer. It's got Win 10 Home. I've installed FSX Deluxe Edition - no problem. Then I installed the Acceleration Expansion Pack - problem! It won't pring up the activation box after installation. I get an error message: "ERROR CODE 1-80004005" and won't take me to the activation screen. I know this isn't a PMDG problem, but there's a lot of smart people on this forum and I don't go on other AVSIM forums (or I didn't - I just did a search without finding a solution), so I hope someone can help me out here.

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After more searching, I found the solution. Here it is below...

1. run regedit (Windowskey +R)
3. After you find the folder, double-click Upperfilters on the right side.
4. Delete all other values except PartMgr
5. Close Registry Editor
6. Start FSX / Accel and you should get the registration wizard.

The important part is highlighted. In my computer it was written as "partmgr" when it should've been "PartMgr" with uppercase letters as shown (without punctuation marks). I was hesitant to alter the registry, but many other people say it worked for them. Seems like I didn't break anything - fingers crossed.

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Didn't the FSX Deluxe version include the earlier Acceleration package?  Seems to me I've never had to install Acceleration because my FSX Deluxe box version includes it. Perhaps there is a reason the installation had a problem.

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51 minutes ago, downscc said:

Didn't the FSX Deluxe version include the earlier Acceleration package?

Hello Dan!

No sir, not exactly/

Here are the versions of FSX:


FSX Deluxe (contained a few things that FSX didn't have, such as the Glass Cockpit for the 172 and Baron).

FSX Acceleration (contained a few things that FSX Deluxe didn't have - some addition graphics, objects and planes that most notably it had the F/A-18 Hornet.

The Marketing Package called FSX Gold (which isn't a version of FSX) contained both FSX Deluxe and FSX Acceleration, though the user had to decide which one to install. If the user installed FSX Deluxe they then had to install SP1 and SP2, but if they chose to install Acceleration (the third disk) then SP1 and SP2 were installed as part of the Acceleration install.

FSX:Steam (FSX:SE) which is FSX Acceleration with some important and significant changes made. To date it is the best running, most stable version of FSX.

Sitting in my software box is version of FSX and the marketing package FSX Gold, starting with the very first issue - though something tells me it won't a collectors item - LOL!


Good to speak with you Dan. 


Best wishes.


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12 hours ago, mcbellette said:

ERROR CODE 1-80004005

When you installed FSX Deluxe, did you install SP1 and/or SP2 before installing Acceleration?

If so, this is not the correct installation procedure and is known to cause the error code you had.  To correct, try uninstalling SP2 and then reinstalling Acceleration.  If this doesn't work, then please uninstall FSX using THIS PROCEDURE and reinstall.  NOTE:  There is a small chance that you may have to run the Flight1 Registry Fix after your second installation of FSX.  You'll know if you need to this when you try to install a third party addon and it can't find your FSX Installation - again, it's only a small chance that you'll have to do this.  The reason is that your registry may still contain the original path to FSX from the first installation - this is known to happen on re installations of FSX (and even other software) and if it occurs it's normal rather than an indication of a problem.

If you did not install SP1 and/or SP2 before installing Acceleration, then the fix you cited should work.

Best wishes!


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Dave, I did not install SP1 or SP2. This was my installation procedure...

1. Install FSX Deluxe Edition

2. Restart computer.

3. Load FSX Deluxe Edition to let it compile scenery, etc.

4. Restart computer.

5. Install FSX Acceleration Pack

6. Tear hair out when encountering activation error.

7. Finally fixed with registry edit.

8. Take chill pill.

9. Look up hair transplants via Google.

10. Post solution here.

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Been there, got the t-shirt, then implemented forehead stamp in cured concrete!

Happy you have it sorted my friend.



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