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After an unsuccessful attempt to run FSX:Steam, I have reverted to FSX/Acceleration only to find that DX10 fixer is damaged and will not retain the FSX directory.

Each time it is entered, it has vanished the next time. and DX10 seems to do nothing.

Should I remove it entirely and re-install.


Ian Harrison

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Basically you should always uninstall the libraries before messing with the simulator directory!

Do you have the very  latest version of the fixer as I made changes to try to deal with these sorts of issues?

Uninstalling/installing the fixer didn't used to fix it - I previously had to guide people to remove a directory where it retained its config.

If you have the latest version then the rules are

1)  once you set a directory you cannot change it whilst the libraries are installed - you have to uninstall the libraries first then make the change.

2)  on startup it checks that the path is valid (contains a fsx.exe) - if not then it treats the path as unset so you can set a new one

The problem used to be that without rule 2 you could have a path set, remove the fsx system and then find you couldn't uninstall the libraries to change the path.

If you still have an issue can you let me know.

If the latest version doesn't fix it then you need to

1)  Do a full uninstall

2) delete the contents of the directory c:\program data\DX10SceneryFixer

3) install

But please let me know as I would like to understand if the recent revisions addressed the issue or not.





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Thanks, Steve,

I did do the library switch but obviously something went wrong.

I have now downloaded the latest version and it has installed perfectly and recognised the FSX directory correctly.

So all seems well.


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