How are the avionics in the glass cockpits?

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Are they fully featured or just Carenado and IRIS' typical glass panels?  Can you load approaches and STARS/SIDS or is it just pretty basic functions like clock, timer, wind direction etc?

From the screenshots and videos I've seen so far it looks like it contains Orbx textures, with some form of overdone over saturated HDR.  The autogen/landclass looks better in some areas.  However the aircraft look better (and the glass displays appear smoother and more readable).  I also did see a few videos with rain on the canopies and the rain looked excellent!  Additionally, the Van's RV in the game - is that the old Baytower RV7 and 7A?

Can you navigate like in P3D/FSX/XP?  Is the navdata the same old 2006 era from FSX or is it updated?  Can it be updated?

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For glass cockpit gauges, it's difficult to even evaluate, there are so many bugs. No SID/STARS. G1000 seems  broken and un-useable to me. Example, Direct-to, FPL, airport info pages don't work.

Supposedly navdata has been updated. I haven't check to see if that includes approach procs. Many airports seem to have been updated as well. Flight planner is very limited, no airways or route finder, no waypoints, no fuel planning. There's no Map that you can access in flight. With the GPS so broken you can't look up and tune frequencies. After entering a flight plan, a Config button appears, clicking it does nothing.

I think navdata is still scattered around in BGL's (compiled XML code) just like FSX, with terminal waypoints, facilities and procs in the airport BGL's, so like FSX not easy to update.

I've had some luck importing FSX flight plans (eg. make a pln in little navmap and load into FSW)

ATC is VFR only. No IFR

Landclass was not updated, it's the same as FSX.

Aircraft graphics/rendering is very good, cockpit shadows are massively improved over Flight School. The windshield rain is very good and I don't notice a performance impact.

The terrain engine seems unchanged from FSX. I think the sky/clouds look a lot better than Flight School at least. Hopefully they overhaul the terrain engine in the next release.

Weather is still very limited. It looks like weather configuration will be a lot like FSX when it's done. No external weather engines yet, but hopefully that's coming. For now you have to pick a weather theme. There's a simple custom weather config screen but I'm not convinced that it does anything yet.

No way to make the sim use your system time, other than to go to the time config page and click Reset. Things like time and weather cannot be changed after the flight has been loaded.

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8 hours ago, ryanbatcund said:

Additionally, the Van's RV in the game - is that the old Baytower RV7 and 7A?

Yes, it's the Baytower RV7A.

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