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lets Compare performance

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Hi guys,

i know some of you are having performance issues and i know there is a special report form for those issues, but i think it would be interesting to see, what other peoples performance is like. i for myself just dont know if my performance is bad. it looks bad to me and i hoped for better performance. but i just dont know if its typical or not to have a perfomance like this. 

So for short: if some people post their average fps in sparse are with lots of trees and nothing else and in metropolitan areas like ny, London or similar, along with pc spec, settings in fsw and fixes made to the cfg, this will help everybody to see if their performance is normal, good, bad, whatever. 

ill just start for now: 

PC Specs: 
Intel i5 (6600 i think)
GTX 1060 
16gb Raam

Settings all sliders set to high, no cfg alterations

FPS Sparse: around 50-70
FPS Metropolitan: no flight yet made, since day job is currently almost a day and night job)
Those fps i got with my old system and tweaked cfg on FSX without addons, maybe a little less. 

but i see not much room to install fancy addons without my frames dropping agaain below 30 and that just sucks. 



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 I did this on KSEA in bad weather and i don't remember exactly how much fps i've got, but well over 30. Then i did a nice test, went to fsw.cfg and disabled eye candy like cockpit and cloud shadows and i've set all scenery, terrain, autogen, effects etc. values like in my fsx/p3d. I've got 60+fps. 

I'm using now 1/2 vsync in Nvidia Inspector with target fps to 30 in fsw.cfg and it's smooth like a silk, this works great in FSW. So, performance is there, and it's improved in my opinion, but we have all eye candy enabled by default. We definitely need more config options in FSW display menu

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but tbh whats the point of a new sim, if i dont get eyecandy? dont get me wrong, im not one of those naysayers. im just afraid, myy sim experience will be a stutterfest again, when i install the first addon from orbx and a complex aircraft. then there is nothin won...

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I think we are going to get eye candy, this was only a test with my old system. And FSW is in EA, so i expect a lot of optimization to be made(or maybe we need a hardware upgrade)

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I hope they work on engine, so we get more headroom for future updates

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