GPS 430 / 530 Transition GPS to ILS Approach

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I just have a general question...

I select a STAR Or approach and activate it. When on the final approach, is there away to transition on final so it tracks the Localizer (LOC) and Glide Slope (GS) (via APR)?  I know you can click the CDI to set the GPS to VLOC. Typically, when you get vectors from ATC, you get setup on a 30' intercept, and then can select APR on the auto pilot tracks LOC and GS..   I was just wondering what the Garmin procedure is for approaches and if there is away to transition as described above.  I don't believe the STAR / approach takes altitude into consideration, I could be incorrect.

Ideas and thoughts?



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And you've loaded the approach? The STAR is just an arrival route.  You still need to go to PROC select approach.

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With an ILS approach active..

Autopilot in ALT mode.  Target altitude you get from the approach plate.

Use the GPS in GPS mode, and autopilot NAV mode until you are on the intercept to final.

Set heading bug to current heading and switch the autopilot to HDG mode.

Change GPS to VLOC mode with the ILS frequency dialed in.

As you see the HSI deviation bar moving towards the center, switch the autopilot to APR mode for localizer and glideslope intercept.

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