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Haunted by a strange CTD when starting at Flytampa Rebooted in P3D V4

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Hi guys,

I have strange CTD's occurring only when I start a flight at OMDB (Flytampa Dubai Rebooted). As soon as I change view or start panning around the sim crashed. When leaving on without touching nothing crashes. This is strange. I have installed:

P3D V4 base

ORBX Global

Ultimate Live Traffic



Flytampa Dubai Rebooted

Addon Manager

Flytampa Amsterdam


A flight from Amsterdam to Dubai went without problems. However starting a flight at Dubai with whatever airplane I choose, it starts to CTD as soon as I start to pan around or using space +mouse for changing view zoom.


Any help and any insights on this issues would be helpful. I suppose no addon is interfering, as these issues do not happen at the other Flytampa airport I own.

EDIT: it simply crashes using Flytampa Dubai Rebooted.


EDIT2: Approach traffic is causing the issue! It seems to overlap the regular traffic.


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There might be FS9 models in that traffic package which are incompatible with V4. Try with traffic off.

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did you delete the 4 files named ******papi.bgl? 

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Try removing ULT.

For me P3d v4 was acting strange, in slow motion,  with ULT. I removed it and all went normal.

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If its ai traffic then check you don't have any invalid values in [flightsim.xx] sections of ai aircraft.cfgs for those being injected. I had one of the aircraft with tail number pasted in parking codes which was causing crash at another airport that fixed after correcting that line. It didn't cause any problem in v3 so went unnoticed. No info showed up for this in content error logging which made it complicated to figure.

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