Possible to assign speedbrakes to logitech extreme 3D pro as analogue?

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I would like for my speedbrakes/spoilers to work in analog and not digital mode... default its either extended all the way or retracted all the way, I can't manually set them to the exact settings I want. Is there a way to assign the spoilers extend/retract mode to a button on a joystick, so for example if I hold button A for a while it will slowly and gradually extend the spoilers until I let go of the button and so forth? This would make it much easier to control the plane during approaches.

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yes i do, how would I set it up to behave this way?

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Yes FSUIPC is the way to go. You can either setup the throttle to act as a speedbrake if you are in a glider (don't need throttle) or assign a couple of buttons. I'm not at the PC now working from memory but there is a long list of available FS commands you can assign to buttons in FSUIPC and you scroll through till u get to spoilers inc and spoilers dec. You can even make it airplane specific.

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I do not have that stick but using the FSUIPC paid version I set one of the axis to control spoiler.

I use another axis for the gears, but for that one I had to get more creative. I defined range 1 (eg input increasing 15000 to 16xxxx) to trigger gear up and range 2 (eg input decreasing -16xxx to 15000) to trigger gear down. 

FSUIPC opens a new world of flexibility.

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