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I have Saitek Flight Yoke, I can not enable the Hat Switch, only the mouse, I want to be able to look sideways like in the mouse but in the Hat Switch, when I disable the Global, I get the free vision in the Hat Switch, but the saved views do not work .

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I don't have that yoke, only a joystick, but I have no problem assigning a joystick button (on the hat switch) to a camera.

Not sure you can "pan" a camera using your hat switch (only the mouse), but I just set up other side looking cameras and assign the same joystick button to each view (eg 2 left looking camera views use the same left hat switch button, likewise for 2 right looking camera views and the right hat switch button).

Basically right click your camera preset and click the "Assign Button" option then click the button on your yoke.

Works great!

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On 6/22/2017 at 8:53 AM, enzoaugusto said:

I have Saitek Flight Yoke, I

I have the Cessna version and I'm not sure if this will do it for you, but a) disable Pan in the Controls menu for the yoke.

In CP,, select Preferences -> Control Assignments; Assign the four axis for the hat switch to the buttons option for Tilt Up, Tilt Down, Pan Left, and Pan Right.

So when I click on the button section of Tilt Up and push the hat switch forward I get POV 1 (0°),  The other three positions give me POV 1 (180°), POV 1 (270°), POV 1 (90°).   CP will extrapolate the degrees between these four, giving you a fully functional hat switch.


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