Jetways and opening/closing exits in X-Plane 11

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Hi everyone. Being new to X-Plane 11, having migrated from FSX I would like to enquire how to get a jet way to attach to the aircraft (Ctrl + J in FSX) and opening/closing exits (Shift + E, followed by 1,2,etc. in FSX) I can not find any key bindings related to these operations in X-Plane. Any assistance will be appreciated. Regards.

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This is not possible by default in X-Plane. There is a free plugin by Marginal, called "autogate plugin". It requires some setting up by the airport maker/user, though.

The creator of the airplane also needs to specify the coordinates of the entry doors on his model for this to work correctly.

X-Plane 11 has taken some steps in this direction with the new (admittedly driving like 2-year olds) ground vehicles, and I could imagine that in the future they may implement some AI-driven jetways, natively, as well.

Cheers, Jan



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You gave yourself the answer:

X-Plane is a flight simulator - not a Jetbridge docking simulator.

I have spent 100´s of hours in full-flight Level D simulators and never once I taxied to the gate... I also don´t think that any of those simulate docking of jetbridges.

I know this stuff is important to the "airline captain role-playing guys", and possibly even to the "watching my landing in wingview passenger role-playing guys" - but for people trying to simulate the operation of an airplane (this is where X-Plane originally comes from), the docking of the jetbridge to the aircraft is not so important.

Cheers, Jan


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jetbridge operation just like every aspect of arrival and departing,

including coordination with ground crew is very much subject of a flight simulation

and is extremely important. Most accidents or damages to airplanes happen around this part of operation,

so training is welcome and makes indeed sense.

flight starts and ends on dock, that's where we us terms like "block".

Block hours can include flight crew working hours, and other relevant processes of flight,

which pretty much sync with releasing the airplane from its docking position or actual flight at the time of take off,

depending on the operating airline.

Johann and David, keep looking for that part of flight, it is supported by x-plane, some free addon scripts for all kinds of needs are available. 

Laminar provides the data structure for that 3rd parties can define their objects and how they should interact with the other object

(e.g. the terminal or jetbride or catering truck or mobile stairs or simply anything). All there.

Never ever give up on ideas and wishes to make sims better and help you getting a real nice experience on your PC.

I will eventually post a movie here or there that demonstrates the dock on procedure let's say

in Honolulu intl. Airport or Miami Intl. (X-Plane11) for those who still struggle after having installed  

not sure whether offline media can be attached here..

Regards, your Almi


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