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Hello all!


First of all, please let me say the following:

I was a very happy EZCA-User for years without any big problems. But then, a few weeks ago, a friend told me, I should try ChasePlane. I was quite sceptic, if CP is really as good as EZCA.

Now I am using CP for a few weeks, and I have to say, I am really more then impressed! I even don't want to go back to EZCA, CP is really the best software for the views in my eyes.


Now I have a feature request, which I was missing in EZCA, and now in CP, too.

I've got the following idea, in one short sentence:

When taxiing, the camera should turn into the direction you are taxiing.

For example, when taxiing and turning right, the camera turns to the right, too, so that you don't have to turn the view during taxiing. Of course, I think Track-IR-Users don't have this problem, but for all other users - like me - I think it would be quite helpfull, because it is a little bit tricky to turn the aircraft and to turn the view with the mouse.

Maybe it would be possible to add such a feature to CP, for example adding a switch for each preset for when the aircraft is on the ground and below a specified speed (i.e. 40 kts), then the camera is connected to the taxiing direction.


I hope I could explain my idea good enough, so that you understand what I mean!

So, thank you very much in advance! 

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A big +1.

You can do it by pushing the Anticipation slider all the way up, but that will give the same effect when flying and is not acceptable at that moment. So yes, it would be great if CP could make a distinction when on the ground of not. Or based on speed ?

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I think based on speed is better, because when you are accelerating for takeoff, you maybe have to correct the wind with the rudder, so, as said, based on the speed, for example below 40 kts would be better I think

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We are in the process of dividing the Anticipative motions effect into 2 categories for ground and for air

For now, if you go in a camera's motion effect, you can press TUNE under the Anticipation effect and tune the axis you want the most.


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