P3d v4 Stable Fast driver for GTX 970???

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Although I have a GTX-980, the latest drivers (384.76) work like a champ.  I personally have never had large performance swings from one driver to the next, but I know some experience this.

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13 minutes ago, Cavemanhead said:

Any recommendations?  Or at least those to  "stay away from"?

i went back to 382.33 here

(2x GTX970 SLI)

Michael Moe

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No problems with 382.53 Can't say if they are faster than any other, but my P3D performace is a solid 30fps (I use NVI to cap it to ~ 31 fps) except in heavy cloud and busy airports, which is to be expected.

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Latest driver has to be the best i have had in a while.

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Although it sounds like stating the obvious, the best way to determine which driver works best with your card is just to install a few and see if there's any difference. There are so many system variables involved, many having nothing to do with the actual graphics card, that it's almost impossible to say that a particular driver is the best (other than to say that it may be best for a particular person on their system with their components at their screen resolution).

You only need to read through similar threads to this one where two people with the same graphics card get very different results with the same driver. The same thing applies to warnings not to use a specific driver - as many people will think that a particular driver is the best they've tried as will think it's the worst.

By all means ask for opinions to give you a shortlist, but don't avoid a driver just because someone thinks it's terrible. The important thing to remember is to make sure you do a clean install of each new driver you try.

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