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  1. Do Black Square Products ever go on sale? If so, when could that be expected?
  2. Hmmm... Not sure it is ok. I fly with my son and he's on a later version with everyone else and we can't see each other on multiplayer. Of course, maybe that issue is something else and we assumed it was a version problem incorrectly but why would some people be on a different version? He uses the standard version and I use the Premium Deluxe so maybe that explains the version difference. But... Why the problem of us not being able to see each other in MultiPlayer?
  3. After a Win 10 update there's been a bit switch somewhere that is preventing MS from updating... Its not that it gets hung on the MS update screen, it just flashes it on the screen and then bypasses it so I never get past V1.36.20. Sim works fine but is a down-rev which makes Multiplayer impossible. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with same exact issue. Something is hung in there. I'm now willing to start from scratch but not even sure how to wipe out everything as FS2020 seems like it IS a virus at this point. Store, X box, X box bar, etc... It's a pretzel maze of stupid install programming. Does anyone know of a way to eradicate FS2020 completely and start over in the hopes I can get past v1.36.20? Running Deluxe Premium 40th Anniversary Edition. Grrr... Makes me think this is one piece of software that I'm considering Steam for when 2024 comes out. MS can't even make something that works right when purchased from their own store. It's a nightmare of nonsense.
  4. My download manager flashes on the screen when I start up but then it bypasses so I can never update. I've tried just about everything, and I'm about to strong arm into just uninstalling then reinstalling. I think the main thing I'm about to lose is the joystick, throttle, rudder, and Tobei Eye tracker profile. Is there a way to save those?
  5. Ok, sorry to be the NOOB but the OPs post saying they were on 1.36.20 caught my eye... I've got the premium version and all mandatory updates installed. My son (standard version) is on 1.37.12. How can this be? Discovered the other night when trying to fly multiplayer together and we can't see each other. My sim thinks it's updated but reports that its on 1.36.20. Can anyone help?
  6. I thought Black Square's gig was that they don't mess with the FDE at all. They just use the stock default flight model and tweak everything else. But... I'd heard that for this plane, they ARE making their own flight model. Does anyone know for sure?
  7. Does Black square have a website? I can see why the fidelity level of the instrumentation and such gets people excited but is there any information on the flight model? I really like a plane that has a great flight model. I'd heard (incorrectly?) that for this plane, BS was planning to make their own flight model like an A2A plane. Was that incorrect info?
  8. Is there another way? I have a small KB for my home Cockpit setup and I need to set up cockpit views using the numpad. Any suggestions? Can I just use the Win 10 built in e-KB in Win 10? Or... some other means?
  9. Dumb question time... I'm using Win 10 and a 4090. I noticed there are options in the sim for DX11 and DX12. When people are referring to "running in DX12" in this thread is that simply a bit switch to DX12 in FS2020 or do I need to totally install a new version of DX on my PC. My understanding is that Win 10 uses DX11 natively, and I'd need to install DX12 to use DX12 features. Or... Do I just select DX12 in FS2020 and the Frame Generation choice will no longer be greyed out?
  10. Thanks guys. Very much appreciate the feedback! The type I'm looking for would be relatively simple... to get the "feeling" of flying a heli and for sightseeing in FS2020 near areas where I have an interest in seeing the scenery in areas like the ORBX airports/regions... Sounds like the ultimate experience for flight may be in XP12 so in that context what would be the best bet?
  11. Per subject... Or the PMDG 737 of Helis... You get the idea. Are there any "study level" sort of helicopters out there that are comparable in quality to the aforementioned planes? Flight modeling is the most important priority to me. Looking for something that's considered best in terms of "feel" relative to a real chopper. Systems modeling is a second priority... Any recommendations?
  12. I've got about 30 ORBX sceneries/airports. Is there a way to easily delineate them from the defaults?
  13. I loved the RealAir Turbine Duke back in P3d. But... the main reason it was so appealing was the outstanding flight model. I'm a junkie for a great flight model. Don't all the Black Square planes just use the default flight models and update the instruments and external models only?
  14. New to MS 2020. Noticed my Flysimware Cessna 414 in a thing called "My Hanger". It looks amazing in there... I'd like to put all my payware separately in that area. Is that possible or is it something the developer decides. I have the A2A Commanche 250 and the PMDG 737-600 and want to add both there to keep things organized sine I wont be flying any default planes. Can one force planes into the My Hanger area?
  15. The general take is that there may be a sound effect or 2 that could enhance an A2A aircraft but that the real beauty comes when improving something like the FSW 414C, etc... Improves any aircraft not already tweaked to the hilt with great sound effects.
  16. Do I understand correctly that if you are flying anything other than A2A, that FSRealistic Pro is a no-brainer to enhance the overall experience?
  17. I have very little time to fly... I have the FSW C141 and the A2 Comanche and I'll probably get an airliner at some point and a few others. Outside of that, I'd like to hide everything else so I just see "my planes". Same idea with scenery but less extreme. I'd like to see all my payware in one area (favorites?) if there is such a a thing... I'm probably blind and it's obvious but need some help. And wow... The key-binding process for a joystick seems ridiculously and unnecessarily complex. I hope this improves in the future. Great sim otherwise.
  18. Thanks so much to everyone who said their piece - even the person that suggested I wanted to brag about my system. It reminded me how blessed I feel to have it! I remember walking a few miles home every day in 7th grade so I could fly MS flight sim on a blazingly fast IBM PC Jr. For years I had hopes of building my own rigs which I finally got start in my 20s but never did state of the art to save the $. The last rig I built was almost 8 years ago and I decided to go all out this time with a 4090 etc... Honestly, I wasn't trying to brag, just get good feedback on my baseline. I was hoping to snag someone like Nuemanix and Noel for some technical inputs. Thanks so much guys as this is very helpful and confirms what I've seen before (that even a very fast system can be smoothed on the low end) which is my goal. AND... Was looking for what can/should be disabled for gaming optimization (without causing an issue). Noel, I sent you a PM.
  19. LOL, I figured there would be at least one comment like yours. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'm an engineer... I get it. But... On the flip side, engineers enjoy tweaking and I don't want to leave any performance on the table. I don't expect the high end FPS on a rig like this to be affected much, but the theoretical 1% lows should go way up. This is a science experiment of sorts with no regrets other than if something goes south and I wipeout something that a flight sim (made by an OS company) needs to function. If anyone is going to tie OS bloatware into a sim it would be Microsoft. Hopefully in that off chance a restore point comes to the rescue. Looking for any folks out there who've tried the Win 10 debloat successfully.
  20. I just built a rig (7800x3d, 4090, 64GB RAM) and currently in the tweaking process at the OS level prior to in-game optimizations. Per title, I'm looking for anyone that's tried the Win 10 debloater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhY3Y39xeEg Ideally looking to create a most basic install to eliminate any hiccups from telemetry TSRs, etc... and increase system reliability. BUT... I don't want to shoot myself in the foot and delete something Win 10 requires to interface to FS2020. Does anyone here have any experience with this and knowing what should be "left behind" to ensure nothing gets "broken". Of course, a restore point will be created.
  21. Okay after hunting around some more in some totally illogical paths... it looks like I had to download the Xbox installer to reinstall A PC GAME! to another PC. Of course, that makes so much sense!!! Leave it to MS for intuition...
  22. Thanks for your help. I saw the link earlier and it's useless as it does not explain where to go to simply download again. I keep getting caught in an endless labyrinth of MS store, MS Account, Xbox account but never able to see a simple link for "install again" or download here, etc... Just a buy button on the same page where I've already clearly purchased. MS is just so needlessly confusing a overcomplex. Thanks for trying to help.
  23. Clearly shows up in my account but I need to download to my new rig and it wants me to buy it again??? What? Anyone know how to figure out the MS account nonsense and get FS2020 downloaded again? I'm only logged in on one machine. What am I doing wrong?
  24. It's been about 7 years since my last driver install... I'm a little confused based on what I'm reading here and I can't tell if all drivers have the OPTION to install GFE when loading the new driver or if the new driver forces comes with GFE (with not option to install GFE). I'm a purist when it comes to drivers and only want the bare minimum of driver interaction with the hardware. Sometimes less is more. I don't like CTDs, etc...
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