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Update is out for the JF DC-8

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Stuck this here in Hangar Chat because it's for P3D and FSX. Apparently they are gonna make it P3D V4 compatible at some point, but in the meantime, here's a list of the things which are fixed in the P3D V1-3/FSX version. Quite a lot of fixes and some new stuff too:

New features:

Autopilot re-coded for improved usability

Fuel system re-coded for improved usability (refer to manual for more information)

Manual PDF updated to reflect changes to software since release

New ADI/HSI added

Air start interlock simulated. Engines are started with external power or with cross-bleed if at least one engine is already started.


Hydraulic brake pressure gauge needle disappears at night - FIXED

More viewpoints added, virtual cockpit viewpoints improved

Right emergency bus fail light illuminates with #4 generator off - FIXED

Altitude alerter value now increments in 100ft steps for improved usability

21000/22000ft markings missing from altimeter - FIXED

Outside air temperature gauge not lit at night - FIXED

Mach meter gauge not lit at night - FIXED

First-officer mach meter not working - FIXED

Fuel gauge texture issues at night - FIXED

Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) gauges stuck at zero value - FIXED

RMI needles reversed - FIXED

EPR bugs missing - FIXED

Hour hand on clock not working - FIXED

VOR selection switch on First-officer HSI not animated - FIXED

Flap position indicator needle going off-scale with electrical power removed - FIXED

DME indication windows - FIXED

Barometric pressure setting on altimeter showing fractional value - FIXED

Radio altimeter has no upper limit - FIXED

Fuel temperature selector clickspot logic - FIXED

Smoke detector selector clickspot logic - FIXED

Voltage & frequency selector clickspot logic - FIXED

Battery/external power switch clickspot logic - FIXED

Yaw damper not working - FIXED

No fuel flow when starting engines - FIXED

Window reflections missing - FIXED

Fixed intake stator blades missing from DC-8-62 and 63 - FIXED

Tail bumper skid too small on DC-8-61, 63 and 73 - FIXED

Engine starter switches night texture issue - FIXED

Standby ADI pitch - FIXED

#3 and #4 generator switches not working on DC-8-62, 63 and 63CF - FIXED

Virtual cockpit night texture issues on DC-8-73 - FIXED

Gap in cockpit roof - FIXED

Variants appearing too small in preview window - FIXED

Course value missing from autopilot on DC-8-50 and 61 - FIXED

Landing light switch logic improved

Discrepency between RMIs - FIXED

Auxillary hydraulic pump not generating pressure - FIXED

Navigator's altimeter missing barometric setting - FIXED

Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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Alan, I have this, but are you sure it is FSX/P3D compatible as I received a Support email from JF when I asked about P3Dv4, that it was an SP for FSX only. Would love to have it in my P3Dv4 hangar.

Rick Almeida

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Muito Obrigado por essa, Pedro.

Rick Almeida

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2 hours ago, vc10man said:

Muito Obrigado por essa, Pedro.

Sempre ao dispor amigo, abraço

Pedro Trindade



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