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SOP2 speedbrake issue - landing checklist

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I'm having issue completing <Landing Checklist> voice control. For some reason FO gets stuck at Speed brake.... I reply "armed" and I can see the correct  word on the green bar, however FO only replies "check" no matter how many times I've tried. The only way out is to reply "set and check". I can confirm the speed brake is in "armed" position. I've tried putting it back to OFF and then back to armed, but no change in FO behavior. Am I doing something wrong here or this is an issue? I recall this was not a problem with SOP1, but recently I only use SOP2 and happens every time.



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Are you 1000 percent sure it says "ARMED" in the Green bar?

Armed is the correct response.

And you're positive the mode on  the FS2Crew Main Panel is "Landing'?

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I am absolutely sure about the green bar reading "armed". For the main panel I have to double check but I'm calling "Landing checklist" right after I command FO to set missed approach altitude in the MCP since I'm flying manually. Also, not sure if it helps but I usually use the speed brake manually to slow down and then set it to "armed" position right before I call "landing checklist". Can that somehow be a problem?

I'm going to do another test in the next 2-3 days and report back.

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