Blurry Orbx Airport Textures

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Hi P3Dv4 uses,

Ive been enjoying P3D version 4 and have for the first time no blurries using FTX Global and NA, EU regions like I did in all previous versions of P3D.

But now that Orbx has released their Airports I have noticed the ground textures around the airport is completely blurred. (scenery that comes with the purchased airport) For example KPSP the nearby mountain to the west is a blurry mess and never clears. (Same with all other FTX airports)

If I remove some of the terrain BGL's from within the Airport scenery this allows the NA Southern California textures to show which are completely crystal clear.

What's going on here?? Because FTX global and all large regions all have textures that are beautifully clear.

Is Orbx placing Global and region textures in a folder that P3D reads quicker or is it just newer technology with higher resolution textures.

Or is it just me that has the blurries around FTX airports. (Only FTX airports, other 3rd party airports I have no problem)

Thanks in advance.

6700K (4.6)

Titan XP



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Same problem with Orbx NZQN. EG, runway is blurry about 400m ahead. Quite weird.

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Same here with LEBB.Only the photo textures are blurry. Not sure why. It has always been like that for me.

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5 minutes ago, captain420 said:

Same here with LEBB.Only the photo textures are blurry. Not sure why. It has always been like that for me.

Been like this too for me in previous version of P3D but FTX Global and area regions were blurry as well. 

Only now in V4 do I have clear Global and area regions textures.

Makes me think its a P3DV4 thing but I can't get my head around why the textures are loading different and yet they are found in similar folder locations.


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Exactly, its really frustrating to me as well. I don't know why the regular global textures are sharp, but the photoreal textures are blurry. It looks very bad. It doesn't seem to be tied only to ORBX. I have other photoreal textures from other developers, and they all are pretty blurry. So it must be an LM problem, and I hope they get it sorted out soon.

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