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J van E

Throttle Quadrant with P3D v4

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EDIT Never mind, I asked the question in a more appropriate forum. Sorry.


I am flying the A2A Comanche a lot in P3D v4 and I was thinking about getting a hardware quadrant for throttle, mixture and prop. I was wondering if the Logitech Flight Throttle Quadrant works with v4? And does anyone know if you can switch those knobs? For the Comanche I'd like to have the mixture left. 

Or maybe someone knows such a hardware device which isn't 'rounded' but which has the levers sticking out... like in the actual Comanche. (If you know what I mean. Don't know how to say this better. :happy: ) It seems the Logitech quadrant is the only one out there?

Come to think of it, maybe I'd better replace my not too realistic joystick with the Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System...? That's a yoke with the quadrant included. Pity it looks nothing like the Comanche hardware though.

This hardware seems not too expensive: is it any good? (After all these question I am beginning to doubt if the P3D forum was the right forum to start this topic in... :happy: )

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I've used both the Saitek and the CH TQ -  Far far prefer the CH TQ.  6 axis and 12 switches.


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Hi Jeroen,

I am using Saitek Yoke and Quadrant's already for years and now for P3dv4. For individual programming of levers and buttons, I use "" software, which is being developed especially for Saitek hardware.  

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