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  1. Hi, after a complete new installation of my rig, I am struggling with the HAT of Saitek Cessna Yoke. I am running P3Dv4.1. In VC, all axis of the yoke are working except the HAT. If I switch in VC to slew mode, I can see an extremely slow movement on the monitor. If I switch to outside view (F11), HAT is working normally. New installation of P3D and Saitek drivers did not help. Any idea what may help ? Thank you Bruno
  2. I deactivated Chaseplane and took a P3D default aircraft, to see what the HAT is doing or not doing. I noticed now, that in VC, the HAT is indeed working. But head movement is so extremely slow, that you have to watch the border of the monitor to see that POV is indeed moving. Actual head movement may be one angular degree per second or less, despite the HAT slider is fully right. As already mentioned, in outside view (Spot View, Locked Spot View) the HAT is working at normal speed in any direction. edit: I just detected that the camera.cfg created by Chaseplane causes the problem. I activated the original P3D camera.cfg and the HAT now works as any time before. I simply forgot to assign "pan" and "tilt" in Chaseplane Control Assignments Thank you for your tips.
  3. Hi Steve, I am running Chaseplane.
  4. You are right; I am going to do it.
  5. Hi, "controls" in P3D are set as should be; i.e. slider is max right. To delete the HAT assignment setting and asign it new did not help. To use FSUIPC, the payware version is needed, which I dont own. The HAT was working before new installation of my machine. Than you anyway. Bruno
  6. LOELI12

    P3Dv4 Pause (Not Responding) Then Back

    Hi, I am having the same problem not only with P3D but also with a game. Therefore I believe it is not P3D related. I personally believe the problem occurred first after latest Windows update approx. one week ago.
  7. LOELI12

    cannot map Saitek controllers with P3D v 4

    Hi Greg, I am using "SPAD.next" software for my Saitek hardware and P3Dv4. You can assign anything to anything if you want.
  8. LOELI12

    Throttle Quadrant with P3D v4

    Hi Jeroen, I am using Saitek Yoke and Quadrant's already for years and now for P3dv4. For individual programming of levers and buttons, I use "SPAD.next" software, which is being developed especially for Saitek hardware.
  9. LOELI12

    Wide View Aspect or not

    Hi, check this and the two additional videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjbCFNSofpk Bruno
  10. LOELI12

    P3Dv4 and Saitek Controls

    Hi Fall_guy, I had the same problem and absolutely nothing was helping. The solution on my side was to restore the system (i.e. registry) to a status BEFORE any Saitek software was installed. I then started the driver installation again and connected the YOKE to different USB plug than before and suddenly the YOKE was accepted. I don't have an explanation, but it worked finally. Bruno
  11. LOELI12

    Default P3D v4 looks ugly...

    Yes Mister AUSTRIAN AIRFORCE, FSW is clearly the better choice.
  12. LOELI12

    Orbx FTX and Fs Global Next Generation

    FS Global Next Generation is, for sure, not resposible for blurry look. I have installed the new mesh together with FTX sceneries and having no problems.
  13. LOELI12

    Windows 10 Creators Update

    No noticeable difference here, so far.
  14. LOELI12

    Updates for UT2

    Hi, thanks to pete (tooting), who provided his private update to UT2, I can see now a lot more different aircrafts with up to date liveries on my airports. Thank you again. Bruno
  15. Hi Keven, thank you for your prompt reply and the hotfix. Yes; F11 key calls now again the default Locked Spot View, as it did earlier. Thank you again. Btw. ChasePlane is great ! Bruno
  16. Hi, I am running v0.1638 Alpha.Exp. with P3D v3.4 On pressing F11 the view changes anywhere inside the aircraft; possibly to the center of gravity; I do not know. And from there, I can only go back to inside views after pressing F9 key. This is not acceptable. I want back the DEFAULT LOCKED SPOT VIEW, assigned to the F11 key. Thank you Bruno
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    New Forum Layout

    To me, the layout of the old forum was clearly better.
  18. I should have read this thread first, instead of puchasing it immediately. Lovely hull, but not much inside exept of frame-eating displays.
  19. Thank you for your information, Elaine . Merry Chistmas
  20. Hi Elaine, I just want to say thank you very much for your great Tutorial "How to install UT2 in P3Dv3". With this help, it was no problem at all, to do it. Thank you again. Bruno
  21. LOELI12

    Rob - Thanks for the Guide

    Thank you very much !
  22. LOELI12

    First Impression and Observations

    Hi Cloudminer, thank you for sharing your aircraft.cfg. Bruno
  23. LOELI12

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas to All !
  24. LOELI12

    GTN750 ready for download

    Thank you for the heads up.