Vertical light beam

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On the last couple of flights I've noticed what looks like a vertical light beam going from the horizon and upwards about my 10-11 o clock when flying at night.

This is using P3Dv3 and the latest version of AS16 and ENVTEX. I'm thinking if it might be some ENVTEX effect causing this.

Anyone else seen this? This is what it looks like. Might be a bit hard to see (it's very easy to see when flying in VR where everything gets much bigger and a more natural scale) but if you looks at the screenshot from a bit of an angle to the left or right it's easier to see. At least that is the case on my Samsung 4K screen.


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pretty hard to see but that looks like the milky way

cheers,-andy crosby

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Yeah, I know it's hard to see in the picture but I guess you're right.

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Yep, Milky Way.

Years ago I had to edit my Milky Way texture so that it wasn't as bad a default. I think I changed the alpha channel a bit so it didn't stand out so much. You could do the same, just make sure to back up your original Milky Way texture before hand.

You can find the texture in the Scenery/World/Texture folder I believe, not at my computer to check. I think the texture is actually called MilkyWay.dds or .bmp, should be easy to locate.

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