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FS9 Aircraft Model issue - anyone help solve it?

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I installed a new Airbus model into FS9 - as I have done so many times now - and all works fine.

Except - that when I turn on the APU and then start the engines, I get this ......


And this ....


The model is fine and the only change I have made is to "alias" the Eurowings Pro panel to the model and also a different Sound set.   Note that I have done this many times and I have a number of Project Airbus models in different liveries, all safely installed and working and using the Eurowings Pro panel and various sound sets.

I suspected the Aircraft.cfg file and found the Wake and Spray options enabled under the EFFECTS section.   Disabling these made no difference - and they are also enabled in other PA models already installed!

To try to troubleshoot this problem, I loaded a similar model A320 into the same parking position, at the same airport and gate and the same time and did a start up with no issues.   I then loaded the problem aircraft and did the same thing - resulting in the spray coming out from the wheel area as shown.  I did, however, successfully fly the jet from SCEL to SBGR with no issue - but with this spray continuing to come out until I shut down the engines.

I cannot access the MDL file without and editor and I would not know how to spot any problems,

Anyone have any ideas?



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Did you check the [SMOKESYSTEM] section in the aircraft.cfg? Could be a startup smoke being triggered there. Could also try turning off the the smoke via the (stock) "I" key.

Another possibility - way too high of a maximum contrail temperature, if used.

Highly doubt it would be anything in the model. 


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Check [Smokesystem] and [Lights] for any extra effects...... it is also possible to have a custom startup effect in [Effects] startup=

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