No response from ATC (Win10+XP11)

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for some reason I'm not getting any response from the ATC. Also during startup I get following error :


Which is odd because as you can see I in fact do have English installed and set as default (I have my native language pack installed as well but that should not be a problem since it's not default, right? ) :



But for some reason I do not get any response from the ATC at all. I'm using the text "SayIt" interface as I don't have mic setup, plus I don't really want to be talking to my computer, text interface is fine :-)


Also the test in config does not work. The voice tests work fine, I even get ATIS response when I tune in ATIS on radio (P2ATC set to handle ATIS) but no response from any actual controllers :


I'm flying IXEG 733 which uses a lot of custom systems so just to make sure it's not blocked by battery and so on I set P2ATC to ignore those :


Any ideas pls ?

PS: My flight plan seems fine. It's validated and filed. Also I'm using LKTB Gnd to try to get the clearance as there is no dedicated clearance frequency but that is not the issue - I tried them all, I get response from none.

PS2: I also tried running the P2ATC as administrator and also in Win7 compatibility mode (just in case). No luck.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, got it!

For anyone interested - the issue was that although the language pack was installed the speech recognition pack needs to be installed separately in Windows 10! You go into Settings->Time & Language->Region & Language, click on English, click Options and there you can download the speech recognition module from Microsoft, it auto-installs and all works well after that.


Hopefully this will help someone.:cool:

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Glad you got it working.  I was just going to ask if you installed  the Speech package. 

Also, you must have a default microphone or something that Windows has set as the Default Sound Recording device because the Speech Recognition Engine requires it and without the Speech Recognition Engine, even SayIt does not work.

Thanks for following up with the solution.


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