Butt-kickers and other sound transducers

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As this has come up in another topic peripherally, I thought I'd create one specifically.

So I bought the Butt-kicker 2 about 18 months ago.  It was the single best enhancement Id made to my flightsimming experience at the time.  However, about 6 months later the amp packed up.  It was the second time the Butt-kicker amp had packed up on me, so i just gave up on buying another one.

Is anyone else using sound transducers  - and if so, which ones are you using ?

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My amplifier survived for a few years but the vibration element of it was attached to a swivel chair which I forgot about one day when for some reason I performed a celebratory 360 degree swivel! Unfortunately that pulled all the leads off the butt kicker and I have still to try to reattach them!


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I had a buttkicker 2 and it packed up suddenely, I gave up trying to get it fixed and instead bought a Pearl Throne Thumper, £250 of bright red butt kicking technology. I agree, the best enhancement I have after yoke, rudder pedals and triple monitor set up. However... it packed up after a week. The awesome people at the company replied to me emails immediately and within an hour we sorted it. A fuse had blown, not the one in the plug, but a second 2 amp fuse hidden just above the power socket on the unit. That sorted it. To be safe, I also bought a cheap red metal desk fan and mounted it to blow cold air directly into the vents on the unit to prevent any chance of overheating. A year on... no problems, the Throne Thumper is powerful, reliable and very very easy to operate (just 2 knobs). So... before you junk your Buttkicker, check to see if it has a second fuse above the unit's power inlet. It might be as easy as that.... 


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