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Update 14 (v1.3.21412.0) Now Live

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It's a pretty mixed bag this week, with tweaks to a lot of mission content based on user feedback thus far. We've also got a hefty update to the Pro Mission Editor, with a variety of recipes being added to the sim to make creating missions just that little bit easier.

That's not all, but read on for the full patch notes.


Low and Slow

  • Correct airports now listed on the flight planner

Scud Runner

  • Prevents the aircraft going backward once the mission’s completed.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

  • Removed compass on end cinematics.

MEP Lesson 3 - Engine Failure Takeoff

  • Aircraft can no longer be operated in failure cinematics.
  • Leaving the runway no longer leaves the plane spinning.

MEP Lesson 4 - Skills Test

  • ATC text now correctly references runway 24 as the landing target.

LAPL Lesson 5 - Approach and landing

  • Re-balanced difficulty.

PPL Lesson 8

  • The lesson now ends if the player misses the runway.

PPL Lesson 9 - CheckRide

  • Tweaked steep turn checks to rebalance lesson difficulty.


  • Reduces windscreen darkening when Advanced Weather is enabled.


  • Tweaked cabin light position to improve instrument legibility during night flights.


  • Quitting a C&D flight no longer causes the UI to show C&D as enabled


  • Fixed instances of free-flight time not recording when landing whilst accelerating and above stall speeds.
  • Reset recycled voices where the 3D audio may affect volume and pitch.
  • Fixed throttle null zones to allow throttles to hit their 100% maximum reach.
  • Fixes transparent white square artifacts attached to cars and various land vehicles.
  • Application shuts down addon exes if the game exits unexpectedly

Pro Mission editor

  • Additional mission creation recipes.
  • Added basic categories and favourites handling for recipes.

A full list of recipes can be viewed here.

  • Fix drag/drop of Scenery and Waypoints onto the map.
  • Added ability to resize area boxes using a mouse.
  • Fix incorrect model elevation for MobileSceneryObjects, if an attached model is AGL.
  • Menu items can be unfavourited if in multiple categories.
  • Realism node now enables collisions.
  • Block mission publish without a default image.
  • ‘Friendly Names’ switch now operational when using action palette’s ‘Object Type’ list.
  • Using hardcoded text in Menu Items no longer causes text corruption.
  • Prevents editor from minimising when clicking the first dialogue box seen when editing. 
  • Fixed instances of model viewer window not being visible on certain configs of O/S and screen resolution.
  • Fixed instances of the scrollbar not appearing on the attributes dialogue under certain conditions.
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Cryss, is this live yet as nothing is downloading for FSW when i run the Steam front-end? What version of FSW should we have after this update?

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15 minutes ago, vortex681 said:

What version of FSW should we have after this update?

Read the heading.....

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Just now, torium said:

Read the heading.....

Thanks! Late night, early morning, old age...

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