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Hi All,

Just a few thoughts on VR in the current build of P3D

  •  The world seems too "small". it feels like I'm sitting in a toy plane about half the correct size. Flyinside had a "world scaling" option that solved this, is there something we can do in P3D?
  •  There simply has to be a better option for having a mouse pointer in VR. You have to hold your head still to click anything and this is so frustrating. i spend lots of time trying to find where the mouse is. can't the mouse be completely detached from my head movement? the mouse pointer should maybe stay in a fixed place in the world and ONLY move when i move my mouse, therefore you always know where you left it. I think the cursor could be bright pink or something when you move it, but then fades to grey once you stop moving your mouse. This might be more of a problem in X-Plane but when you're in a turn and trying to make changes to the heading bug, the inertia is moving your head - and the cursor! - around, making things very difficult. This is made much worse when you are zoomed into an instrument, but zooming is critical. So I think the answer is to give us an option to detach the cursor from our head movement
  •  The cloud reflections in the water at night/dusk makes me feel sick, i can't focus on them, i don't know what the problem is there
  •  For me, VR is only usable in Flightsim when you can zoom in like in Flyinside. i.e. hit a button and zoom in immediately to the button or instrument you are looking at. is there such a thing in P3D?

These are my complaints out of the way, overall it's a good experience!

Performance is ok, though if i turn too quickly I get black borders appear which kinda throws you out of the immersion briefly

Generally, the experience is just smoother - switching between views etc, just works nicer - and it's great that the vendor themselves is focusing on core VR functionality

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Regarding the mouse, have you tried to move your head instead of the mouse itself to interact with the switches? I have been using it and it works OK for me. Of course, it is not perfect yet, but overall 4.1 is a major improvement for VR compared to 4.0.

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Yeah but it's still fiddly IMO

I appreciate I might be in a minority but it would be nice to have a choice

I might post over on the LM forums as a feature request

Do you also find the mouse pointer really laggy?

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2 hours ago, EGLD said:

For me, VR is only usable in Flightsim when you can zoom in like in Flyinside. i.e. hit a button and zoom in immediately to the button or instrument you are looking at. is there such a thing in P3D?

There is a zoom axis you can assign in P3D. I have it assigned to one of the rotary knobs on my HOTAS. It is not instant zoom, but it is better than nothing. Zoom keys should also work - still not instant zoom, though.

I have also added various cockpit cameras with hotkeys to most of my aircraft.cfg, so most of my aircraft have cameras for closeup views of the instrument panel, overhead panel, radio stack, etc. However, that does require some manual editing and fiddling with the camera eyepoint coordinates, but once it is set up, I can switch instantly between camera views.

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I'll try that thanks, do you use Chaseplane or similar for views?

If not, do you think that might work within VR view?

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I don't use any camera add-on. Any aircraft for P3D/FSX already has several camera views defined in its aircraft.cfg file, and anyone can add more cameras just by editing the files manually. P3D also supports hotkeys for camera views, but you need to edit the aircraft.cfg files manually and assign hotkeys manually to each camera. Camera add-ons make all that easier of course, but for VR I prefer to have as few add-ons as possible.

I don't know if Chaseplane or other camera add-ons might work with P3Ds native VR. I'm pretty sure they won't work with FlyInside once it is available for P3D v4, because FlyInside itself works like a camera add-on that controls the eyepoint, so you'd have two camera add-ons fighting for control.

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