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  1. I'm using the mod and the flight model seems less twitchy, especially in pitch. I also have the FTSim sounds which are amazing.
  2. I mean.....once you remind yourself you're playing a computer game, and therefore a large percentage of the player base for that game are children, a lot of flightsim forum/stream interactions start to make sense
  3. I think they know the 200 will be more popular and so are getting the 300 out the door first to try and rope in people (like me) who wouldn't have bought the 300 if the 200 came out first I feel a bit dirty and might try and hold off, but a proper long-hauler is quite tempting
  4. why would you want a feature removed just to spite others when it doesn't affect you in any way? 😄 anyway, T7 is one week out, maybe two - today's a great day 🙂
  5. what makes you think I missed that word? it's hilarious how people just mash all opposing arguments to their own views into one and argue against various strawmen PMDG, and it's owner, thought that the aircraft would be released by now, and they made their expectations very public by very definition, it has therefore been delayed to their own expectations this is not a controversial opinion, nor is it hating, for the record I love PMDG, Xplane, MSFS and puppies what he *actually* said, IIRC, was that it would be somewhere *between* two weeks and two months, so this is slightly more than a vague estimate of maybe two months
  6. https://fselite.net/content/pmdg-development-update-777-teasers/
  7. the "it will be released when it's ready, stop obsessing" posts are some of the most pointless electrons comitted to the internet since it's inception 😄
  8. just correcting a false statement, no interest in developers releasing products before they're ready
  9. the owner of the company said it was between 2 weeks and 2 months from release
  10. Agreed...I've considered buying PSX and using MSFS for scenery generation, but the aircraft doesn't seem to fully interact with the ground 100% of the time I think it makes sense for a full simulator (like www.simfest.co.uk) but not for a desktop sim for me, where I like the aircraft fully interacting with the world, 3d cockpit, cabin etc
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