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  1. EGLD

    New Third Runway at Heathrow?

    If only there weren't so many bloody things in the way of further Heathrow expansion, like communities and families and homes and jobs and pubs and schools and graveyards! Why can't everyone just get behind more airport expansion! everywhere! all the time! 😋
  2. Few more comments after taking a flight in the Eclipse 550 from LOWI First the good..... It's amazing, it really is. I could feel myself getting a bit emotional sitting in the cockpit of this little bizjet soaring over the landscape. It's been said before about VR, but it's impossible to convey just how much it feels like you are in a cramped cockpit soaring high over the world. When I think back to being a kid and getting interested in aviation and computer simulation, but having to use my imagination, I couldn't have believed what would become possible at home - for a cost, admittedly! X-Plane will win hands down IMO because, assuming you've done your Ortho work, you are actually flying over countries how they look in the real world. I can't stress how important it is for me in flight simming to actually feel like you're travelling somewhere and seeing what it would be like if you arrived there in the real world. I no longer want to fly somewhere and just see the same Orbx textures arranged in a different way, with the same featureless flat runway. That is no longer good enough for flight simming for me. Now add in VR and the total package is somewhat mind blowing Something else I really like is being able to switch in and out of VR, so you can depart and arrive with VR, but take the headset off (in a 3rd party a/c) and set autopilot etc. Obviously we need as solution to stay in VR and make changes to systems, but this will do for now. It also means you can fly the cruise mainly in 2D and do other things, returning to switch to VR to go and sit down the back of the aircraft to do a bit of sightseeing. Few downsides, beta related no doubt; I'm getting a weird clipping on clouds - jagged holes appear meaning I can see through clouds from time to time. The world is too small - we need that world scaling option that Flyinside has. It's like you're sitting in a toy plane But overall, really impressed
  3. My experiences match everyone else here so far It's great to see native support and I like the implementation of the controllers and their menus, it's intuitive to teleport around your aircraft doing pre-flight checks I agree with the shortcomings identified so far (although as this is beta they can hardly be described like that) - needs mouse support to be usable - needs a zoomable button like Flyinside. Supporting quick views isn't good enough as that probably needs keyboard support? we need a way to zoom in to screens and buttons and then change with mouse - I don't think the controllers will work well for controlling buttons etc as people's desks and flight controllers will always get in the way - agree with the earlier comment about the plane appearing too small. It's not as bad as the native P3D VR - that's like you're sitting in a toy plane - but it needs a feature like Flyinside where you can scale the world For the record, both P3D Native VR and XP Native VR have both highlighted what an amazing job the team at Flyinside have done - bravo I think we'll all need to accept that VR is only viable if you can do everything on your joystick, unless you want to lift the headset to do keyboard stuff - personally I find that irritating Exciting times though for flightsim VR, 4k will be another game changer No performance problems currently for me, though I have i7-7700 and 12gb 1080ti (humble-brag) With regard rat7's questions - I don't know what the Vive weighs but I've never noticed it's weight - The Vive comes with a little rubber thing for connecting to the nose bridge of the Vive to further isolate you from the real world, blocking out light and improving immersion. If you fit this, as I have, you need to life the headset slightly to see the keyboard - with the current XP VR beta you need VR controllers IMO, hopefully that changes. I have controllers, but want to use mouse The biggest problem with the Vive for me has been the build up of mist/fog on the lenses if the room is even slightly warm.
  4. ooooh, X-Plane you cruel temptress take away that smoke and the screenshot is barely distinguishable from real life please employ someone who can make smoke and clouds, you're so close to having this nailed
  5. i agree, the 2D experience is still as good as it always was VR is not a replacement currently, it's just a whole new way of enjoying PC flight sims it's a shame that the native VR in P3D isn't as good as Flyinside because with the native you can switch in and out of VR on the fly Meaning you can mix VR for a single flight - taxi and takeoff in VR, cruise in the 2D/4k view, then return to VR for landing and taxi the video showing upcoming VR support in Xplane is really impressive
  6. Just bumping this very old comment when reading this thread..... When you try VR, it's as though you're expectations shift instantly You'll find yourself wondering why everyone became so obsessed with 4k crystal clear images because VR gives you something 4k cannot - complete immersion into the sim world Sure, it'll be great when the resolution is improved, but the realism is so overwhelming you realise that the 4k setups are just 2 dimensional screenshot platforms With VR you can step in the aircraft and fly it, and no amount of crisp 2D imagery can get anywhere near that experience I just shuffled the furniture around at home, went back into VR, got up out of the cockpit seat and walked to the back of the plane That's pretty mindblowing and frankly, who cares about high resolution when you can do that
  7. This is true, but I would go further and say its only way to fly VFR now It's impossible to describe the realism and sense of scale and position it gives you, you just have to spend the money and try yourself I've flown in a Super King Air and sat up front and was shocked at how big it was compared to the flat rendition of it in flightsims. You sit really high off the ground and the cockpit is large but claustrophobic Well, now you get to experience that in a flightsim. If you get the Flyinside World Scale set right you can experience just what it's like to sit in a C90B cockpit, you notice how you're higher than perhaps you thought you would be, and how big those engines are Night time flying in X-Plane in VR is......beyond words
  8. EGLD

    VR in P3D

    I'll try that thanks, do you use Chaseplane or similar for views? If not, do you think that might work within VR view?
  9. EGLD

    VR in P3D

    Yeah but it's still fiddly IMO I appreciate I might be in a minority but it would be nice to have a choice I might post over on the LM forums as a feature request Do you also find the mouse pointer really laggy?
  10. EGLD

    VR in P3D

    Hi All, Just a few thoughts on VR in the current build of P3D The world seems too "small". it feels like I'm sitting in a toy plane about half the correct size. Flyinside had a "world scaling" option that solved this, is there something we can do in P3D? There simply has to be a better option for having a mouse pointer in VR. You have to hold your head still to click anything and this is so frustrating. i spend lots of time trying to find where the mouse is. can't the mouse be completely detached from my head movement? the mouse pointer should maybe stay in a fixed place in the world and ONLY move when i move my mouse, therefore you always know where you left it. I think the cursor could be bright pink or something when you move it, but then fades to grey once you stop moving your mouse. This might be more of a problem in X-Plane but when you're in a turn and trying to make changes to the heading bug, the inertia is moving your head - and the cursor! - around, making things very difficult. This is made much worse when you are zoomed into an instrument, but zooming is critical. So I think the answer is to give us an option to detach the cursor from our head movement The cloud reflections in the water at night/dusk makes me feel sick, i can't focus on them, i don't know what the problem is there For me, VR is only usable in Flightsim when you can zoom in like in Flyinside. i.e. hit a button and zoom in immediately to the button or instrument you are looking at. is there such a thing in P3D? These are my complaints out of the way, overall it's a good experience! Performance is ok, though if i turn too quickly I get black borders appear which kinda throws you out of the immersion briefly Generally, the experience is just smoother - switching between views etc, just works nicer - and it's great that the vendor themselves is focusing on core VR functionality
  11. what improvements though, they've provided literally nothing of substance
  12. Regarding the video on sloped runways that was mentioned but not linked in the other thread, it's here The callout on the runway of "on-taxiway.....on-taxiway" says it all I think, as does the crunching thud as the slope changes
  13. For all the actual info they provided, the team being "focused" on VR could just mean they're having fun playing with their VR headsets