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  1. MASSIVE UPDATE honestly, there's so many clickbaiting MS grifters on Youtube
  2. holy cow, that thing looks insane I use Flightsim on a 43" 4k monitor and it's great - I recently bought a 55" 4k for elsewhere in the house and briefly tried it as an MSFS monitor - it was incredible, my main takeaway sitting in the Fenix cockpit was - "it feels like everything is full size 1:1 scale", i.e. the buttons, screens etc trouble is I use this PC for everything, and having to turn your head significantly when using Windows generally was too much of a headache on a 55" 55" 4k is about 1/5th of the price of that monitor!!!
  3. I think a modelled cabin is more important for a Bizjet than most other aircraft - why simulate flying these luxurious machines without being able to go back and simulate chilling out! I agree we need something spectacular to do the sim justice, the most promising Biz on any platform currently is the Falcon on XP - long range, study level, but still seemingly mostly vapourware BBJ will have to do for now
  4. flightsim developers have the patience of saints....
  5. yeah i get that, almost like it sticks to the ground then lets go - one to report on their discord
  6. I'm loving the 747 I'm sure plenty will come along and tell us all the ways it's not realistic enough, but - it's absolutely brilliant, and a massive step up from what shipped with the sim 🙂
  7. This is the most important question in a bizarrely derailed thread - do MS ship the updated aircraft in these betas? It's just an Aircraft/Avionics update isn't it? so it would be odd not to?
  8. i'm the same - the interiors are very impressive, but massive overkill that i will only look at once, if even that it must be delaying the release of airports, pyreegue is showing some amazing screenshots of east midlands interior, but i honestly think most customers would rather it was released quicker, easier on frames, with less interior modelling beyond what you see when you pull up
  9. It's a lot easier without the virtual cockpit needing to line up exactly are your screens at 90 degrees there? i think that's quite straightforward
  10. amazing! i could not get mine looking like that....
  11. ok - thanks for doing that Mark I had 3 identical screens, next to each other, to create a semi wrap around experience - when you place the screens directly next to each other you will see how it's impossible to get something that doesn't have odd geometry anomalies, and either overlaps or duplication across the screens it's just not where it needs to be - xplane is much better in this respect, so hopefully they achieve something similar in time
  12. do you have 3 screens? have you managed to get anything approaching an acceptable result with them all placed in front of you? with no overlaps/duplication, perfect geometry etc? would be interested to hear how you managed this if so my 3 screens aren't big enough for a 90 degree setup - i would say you need all 3 to be at least 50 inch
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