Surprise with less interrest for synthetic vision...

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Hi simfriends

Yes sure the top of the interrest now is problems with install of v4.1.

But I'm a little dispite by less interrest for a new level in our's sims... The Synthetic vision system.

The first one I discovered this system was on falcon-jets in the real world... Directly was hopping to have it in mine sim.

Sure the system is on a less powered engine in our sim. ..172 Carenado.

But  in reality never do a flight as I doing it in La Palma on sim... Sure is very exciting to try... You are fully in white clouds and very near the montain and you try to climb near the rocks whithout visibility... With a less powered machine, a real challenge to do... Have a lot a pleasures in this experience more than with a hud.

I post a topic, one week ago to try to show the vision you can have...

No commercial intentions.. Just pleasure to deal with you (I hope so)


ps: do a new experience today on Teneriffe... Same pleasures.◀️🔁



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I think the biggest thing is the lack of a good G1000 system and a lot of the planes in the real world not having a G1000 to begin with, I had never heard of it until I saw Carenado's 172 G1000. My 172 that I'm training in at the moment only has the standard steam gauges, with the only screen in the entire cockpit being the GPS.

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Sure, you are right for the 172, I don't know if Cessna don't propose a version garmin 1000... with the svs. That's no the question... for me now.

Mine interrest is only for the SVS, the step for me for flying c172 is 45 years old (ohhh so old ;-)

But sim shall never be the reality... I have no complex to do with.

But each day, I want to find a challenge todo in mine sim... Is the top pleasure in mine virtuality... Discovering a lot of systems and machines with unwanted situations (and no desired in real world).

I understand very well others simmers who's want to reach if possible... the reality.

with respects, regards....

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I guarantee you that if A2A would have released a G1000 equipped 172s with SV, almost everyone here would have took notice. It would have been a big deal!

For most this c172 is just another good lookin' Carenado addon.

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I add few words...

I hope that as the good one gtn650/750, a external svs system gauge shall be  created by ... Shuuuut


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5 minutes ago, DJJose said:

I guarantee you that if A2A

Sure again is right but they don't have produced the svs...

A2A, PMDG, Milviz and flight1... are the upper case, I agree... but believe me... Alabeo and Carenado are no so bad, they derange a lot because monopolizing the market but the well loved orbx in sceneries do the same.

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