C172_SVS try out Clouds on volcan

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Hello simfriends

I' decided to do 5 try-out today:

a) Aerosoft La Palma scenery

b) Canarian OrthoPhotoSceneries imported in p3d4 (found on rikooo site for free)

c) New Carenado aircraft C172

d) Synthetic vision system

e) first post with shots in avsim forum


Take off plus a low pass on foged La Palma airport...


After one slow climb without visibilities, flying only with the svs (without gps or else) except IFR on PFD...


Discovering a nice landscape.



And have a good look on canarian volcan of La Palma




- - -

Descend for security with a low VS to the ocean and landing back in GCLA after folowing the linecoast.

Have a good travel




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No interrest for pictures on avsim...?


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The perfect airplane to explore the islands.....Love Lanzarote!


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Good Morning !  (8:00)       thanks for kind comments and votes

James, Lanzarote is for me too a must have ;-), I complete this zone of wonderfull islands with 5 payware-airports, want to make a lot of "promenades" in this zone by all wheaters... As Training and test zone is a nice and good one... Concentration of a lot of posibilities.

Now about the Synthetic vision system: 

I was able to follow the proximity of the montain only trough the svs with a level of security never encountered before... Work well.

Be shure between 500ft and the top of the montain, all was around the aircraft full clouds, absolutely white vision, the nightmare in real for pilot when very near a montain when climbing...

But the vision on the PFP is "at minimum" very synthetic but the strict information was there. What is nice too, is the indication of the airport on screen, so you are sure of to be on the good way (of course, I tuned the ndb)

Landing with poor sight is quite sure with the 3d vision of the runway, but you must follow precisely your altimeter and speeds before to see the runway.

Pleasant experience for me,

About the C172, it is a very slow machine with less power. The best machine to learn... Perhaps the mind of Carenado to give more chance.

I hope a external kid (as gns or gtn) for upgraded other g1000 with a good technology.

Counterpart is that novice in sim shall have more difficult to learn the rules of IFR flights.


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