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Decided today to return to RC4 after a long absence....tried a few others but still feel better with RC4.

Anyhow, I also wanted to use IYP again and tried to review the IYP manual and check for updates. It appears that IYP is abandoned, only a sad little forum remains. All the necessary files and docs are missing.

Anyone know what happened? Where the files may be found?  For the first time, voice recognition is not working with any aircraft even after a refresher with voice tutorial.   It isn' t needed with RC but does make things a bit more fun.

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I don't know what happened to IYP. About 8 years ago I proposed the first voice-commands for RC4 which were impemented by Robert Cesar. But I have abandoned IYP a long time ago. When I did so I posted the following text in this forum:

"I would like to draw your attention to a simple program I am using exclusively for RC4:

VAC (Voice Activated Commands, http://www.dwvac.com/). It translates voice-commands to key presses in any windows program. It's stable and frame-rate friendly but, of course, it doesn't have an RC4 profile. If any of you are interested I will be glad to share the one I did for RC4.

Comparing  IYP to VAC: IYP can dial numbers (Radios, Courses, SQUAK), something VAC cannot do. On the other hand VAC can execute a sequence of keypresses with a single voice command. Something that's rather useful with RC4's menu structure: "direct to waypoint" will put you directly to the selection of next waypoints, without having to change to the next window first. You also can call RC4 actions not visible in the present menu: "deviation for weather", for example.

VAC also works well with FS2Crew, voice editions. L-CTRL as mute key in FS2Crew acts as activation key in VAC. To get this to work is more complicated in IYP.

So if you are interested to voice activate RC4 I will be glad to share the profile I did for RC4."

The offer is still valid!



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Hi Folks,

I did the same with Voice Attack ($10.00) - I found the interface a bit more intuitive than VAC... RC4 is sooo much better when you don't have to hunt for key presses and you can just communicate verbally...


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