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ChasePlane Server Down ?

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Servers appear to be back online

Jose Albino

i7-4790k @4.6Ghz -16 GB DDR3 - GTX1060 Asus 6gb ROG Strix

WIN10 - P3D v.4.5, X-PLANE 11, FSX-SE, FSW

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1 hour ago, bill62 said:

OK CP Management, this is getting old.

Make the product available offline, soon.




1 hour ago, YukonPete said:

This is unacceptable! It should be able to run offline. We certainly paid enough for the software.


1 hour ago, nawarren said:

Come on Developers, we paid our money for this product which we can't use. Sort it out and get an offline version out ASAP. Not good enough.


48 minutes ago, Ador said:

Whatever reason it is, the first thing that has to be done is an OFFLINE VERSION!!!!!!

Please, please please.......




Keven Menard 
Co-Founder and Developer, OldProp

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