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My $3.50 wall mounts for Oculus Rift

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Folks spend $20 -$100 plus to mount their Oculus sensors permanently on the wall.

The reason for this is that placing the stands on a table allows them to move about, and even a tiny amount of movement can alter the view within Oculus.

I looked at many various mounts with many ways to mount them and decided to see if it could be done on a budget.

So for $2.46 I bought some small angle brackets with screws included, and for less than a dollar bought some 1/4 x 20 bolts with slotted round heads and everyone has washers around the house.

I could easily paint the angles black, but they are mostly hidden from view by the sensors.

So for less than three and a half dollars I mounted the two sensors, and have extra stuff to hang the eventual third sensor for the opposite wall for full room scale enjoyment.

And the sensors are mounted rock solid and will stay exactly how I adjusted them.


And notice the sensor cord goes over and is zip tied to the mount so the cords weight is supported and stable.



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Smart idea, and for such a low cost solution it looks tidy and practical indeed :)

I used some cheap small CCTV camera mounts, about 5€ each


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Eh. I wanted a simple, cheap solution and ordered these from Amazon. They're listed under Oculus Rift sensor mounts (White or Black) and come in two or four packs starting at $12 (came the next day)

They mount on the wall with very strong, but removable tape, so no need for drilling holes that might force your significant other to harm you... :emu_melk:


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