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A bit late with the introduction here.

Although I've been a registered user for quite a while now, I never posted before. I did solve a lot of problems with my old FSX/XP10 installations in the past, thanks to posts others made on the forums here. So let me start by extending my gratitude for that.

I am Hans, 27 years of age, coming from the Netherlands.

My flightsim enthusiasm got sparked at a young age by a combat helicopter sim my father brought with him (team apache). More recently it got triggered again by DCS blackshark and after that DCS A10-C. I didn't get into airliners until a number of years ago. Which also brought my attention to the forums here, trying to solve addon puzzles in FSX and/or XP10.  After a while I somehow lost interest and for the past two years i haven't been simming.

Since the release of P3D V4 caught  my attention I'm slowly rolling back into the world of flightsim. Doing so I'm beginning to realize that my system is not as beasty as it once was. So i thought it was time to abandon my Lone-wolf simming habits of old and start participating in a community by posting my very first question directed at the experienced folks here at AVSIM. But not before I introduced myself.

So back to my system, since I'm posting here anyway i might as well include the question.

Although my I7 is also not the newest either, running at 4.5GHz it seems to still do the trick. The 3GB VRAM on my 780ti however seems to be a bit of a bottleneck to me. So I'm considering an upgrade to the ASUS ROG Strix 1070ti which features 8GB of VRAM. I think it will do the trick for me, I dont need ultra settings or anything, just looking for a smoother experience. If there is anyone reading this having experience with P3dV4 performance, any advice on this matter would be most welcome.

I own the PMDG 737NGX and the PMDG 777, ORBX Global/Vector/OpenLC, ActiveSky and a number of other add-ons like precipitfx and immersion from fsfxpackages. If anyone is wondering.

Edit: Maybe worth mentioning that i run on 2 screens1920x1080 resolution, one for the vc view and one for cdu/pfd. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to be more active on the forums as i reënter the world of simming and start exploring the new P3D V4 platform.

Oh and thanks in advance for any tips!

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