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I notice you've listed a couple of sub £100 sticks, so, how about (typical link):-

I have the T_Flight HOTAS X and it's great IMO for the money. I paid £30 from GAME IIRC. Comfortable, easy to use. I run FSX:SE. For rudder control there's a proportional rocker switch on the front of the throttle, or you can use the twist stick function. The throttle can separate from the stick (I need to get some mounting plates set up on my chair :happy:) . The stick has adjustable spring tension (mine's backed off to minimum). 12 programmable buttons (Mine are:- Brake, view change, up trim, down trim, flap extend, flap retract, reverse thrust, gear up/down, anti-skid braking (ideal when you haven't got pedals with toe brakes!), spoilers deploy/retract, fuel pumps on/off.

One minor niggle is that there's a detent at the mid-throttle position.

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I have the Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS, which replaced a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and I am mostly happy with the set up.  I find the throttle rails a little stiff, but perhaps I just need to loosen the tension a little bit more.

The stick is excellent and I do like having all the assignable buttons and hats on both the stick & throttle.

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