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Reloading v4.2 - How To w/o Having to Reload Add-ons

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I've searched, but can't find this answer - I may not be searching for the right thing because I would assume this info is out there if it is possible to do.  

I have P3d V4.2 w/ several add-ons.  Today I loaded a PTA file and then began to load Reshade - something happened and now P3d won't open/load.  Sits forever.  I'm sure something is corrupted somewhere.  

I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Client and Content - about to uninstall/reinstall Scenery, but I'm not expecting any change.  I also have deleted the P3d Config File so it could reload.  I expect I will have to uninstall P3d and start over, but before I do is there a way to not have to reinstall all of my addons - I thought I had read that P3d v4+ separated the add-ons for this vary reason - I'm just not aware of how to do it.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated!!

Thanks - Chuck

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As long as you do not uninstall the main P3D file you should be ok.  Matt Davies put together a great vid on this very topic, albeit for 4.1, but still relevant to 4.2.  See link below to the video:

Hope it helps.

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Thank you - I did watch this.  For some reason even after reinstalling the client, scenery and content I'm still stuck.  My next step is to strip it down to nothing and start over - was wondering if there was a way to preserve addons....Chuck

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Have you tried unistalling Reshade? To see if PD3V4 launch?



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5 hours ago, Chuck Steinmetz said:

was wondering if there was a way to preserve addons

Hello Chuck,

no, there isn't. You must consciously install them outside of your simulator folders yourself right from the start to achieve this. There are some products where the installers do that already, but none of the older addons will - and neither do PMDG, JustFlight or ORBX, to name just a few.

Theoretically you could move your addons out of P3D now, but you shouldn't - that would break their uninstallers and update mechanisms (if they have automated updaters).

Best regards

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Delete the following files/folders:


SceneryIndexes_x64 folder



Shaders folder

You can read here. Scroll down to near the bottom. 



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In the event you have to go through a full re-install, I wanted to express my procedure and outcome, so you can breathe a little easier.

 When I upgraded from Prepar3d 4.1 to 4.2 using Windows 10 Pro, I first downloaded the full and unzipped it.  Then, I used settings/Apps & Features, and uninstalled in order;

Prepar3D v4 Scenery

Prepar3D v4 Content

Prepar3D v4 Professional Client

Prepar3D v4 Professional

Basically removed everything (I'm old school and it also worked well from 4.0 to 4.1).  Then, I installed 4.2 to the exact same location (for me it is E:\Prepar3Dv4) as the old install.

I ran FTX Central to update my scenery files, then I ran UTLive to verify everything was ok (changing nothing).  I then ran Prepar3D.exe.  UTLive loaded, my scenery was exactly as I left it, and all of my aircraft were there, favorites marked as before, like nothing ever changed (even AI Lights Reborn Free Edition was there, working perfectly (thanks Simbol).  Yes, I did verify that I was running 4.2 as I thought things were too good to be true.  My only issue was my saved default scenario rendered the ATC commands grayed out and nonfunctional. After deleting my default scenario and recreating it, everything has worked flawlessly under 4.2.  After uninstalling ALL of Prepar3D, it did not remove the main directory or any of the aircraft and scenery add-ons for me.  

After reading these forums, everyone seems to have as unique situations as they have unique hardware and add-ons.  My basic setup worked flawlessly, so it can be done.  Best of luck!



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