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C210M XP11.20 Nice Combo

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As as a 20+ years dedicated FS, FSX, now Prepar3d user I am overwhelmed by the realism and immersion of XP11. As a P3D purist I balked at paying for any 3rd party aircraft for XPlane, but after viewing many videos on the Carenado C210M, I committed with no regrets. I am having a ball flying VFR and some IFR around my native Australia.  My next purchase will be the reality pack for the 210.

This shot was taken on a flight from YCTM (Cootamundra) to YSWG (Wagga Wagga), two towns in western NSW, 8000 feet cruise at 175kts. The C210 is well suited to outback flying because of the large distances between towns.



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11 hours ago, suchw said:

Looks great how does the aus scenery in xp11 compare to p3d

XP textures, buildings, objects and depictions look nothing like Australia, whereas Prepar3d stock is slightly better but with ORBX added they come close to the real thing. I've been adding various 'Aussie' scenery, orthos and objects to XP, but it's a long way to go to look like the real deal. The biggest let down in XP, for Australia, is the landscape coloring of rocks and trees, they look more like the American Rockies than the Australian temperate and Desert climates. Orbx in P3D have nailed the coloring of  Australia's 'Red Center', XP is nothing like it. Still, XP is evolving and now that 3rd party developers including ORBX have started creating XP scenery it's only a matter of time before it will equal, if not exceed, P3D for accurate scenery of Australia.

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