just tried WED and I'm confused...

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I installed WED 1.6 a few days ago so I could hopefully update an airport that I visit sometimes.  The airport is KJKA Jack Edwards in Alabama and the last time I had checked in the sim, it was not very much decorated/updated.  So I installed WED and followed the first few setup videos.  I followed the instructions to import airport.dat and pick my airport and I spent some time trying to familiarize myself with basic WED buttons/functions/tools/controls.

After feeling like I was starting to see how to proceed, I wanted to see how what I saw in WED looked in the sim because I didn't remember so many taxiways and parking spaces.  So I loaded XP11.20 (which is where I loaded apt.dat from) and looked at KJKA and I saw that it now has all kinds of little decorations...there are buildings and parked planes and even flags near the tower.

What has me so confused is that the buildings and the parked planes and the flags and all the paved areas other than the immediate runways and taxiways - none of that stuff shows in WED.

So I installed the latest WED (1.7) and repeated the whole process and I have the same situation.

How can I modify an airport if WED doesn't show me EVERYTHING that is already there?  Or do I have something set wrong?  or did I load the wrong airport.dat?


I chose KJKA because its fairly small and simple and out of the way for me.  The airport I really want to improve is KPNS and then maybe some larger airports in the Norfolk VA area.  I have to learn first though.


thanks in advance.

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Not too sure but if you loaded the airport from the org data it does not load the .dsf files, (objects). I think I read if you what to see the objects ( buildings etc) you also have to import these object files second.(.dsf)  Or, Try this, load the airport from the gateway and choose recommend.  Looks likes these are sometimes better and others have installed the buildings etc. so  they can be seen. Hope this helps. 

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I should have just watched Janov's videos and ignored the ones directly linked to at the xplane site.  I now see the buildings and such.


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