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Arriving at MSP

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Just a super quick test flight.  I haven't even RTFM.... maybe someday I'll do a screenshot mini review ha

Just briefly (because there's a big thread in the main p3d forums about it)

Likes:  Modelling, sounds, textures, readability of VC glass gauges.  Cool touchscreen EFB, HUD (I probably offended you tube guys is it called a HGS? lol)  FPS are pretty dang good on my ancient system!

Dislikes: VNAV descent wasn't working well for me...  just wasn't descending on schedule (said VNAV PATH up top) - (likely PEBKAC and lack of RTFM and I'm usually a GA guy), DME on VOR L was erroneously reading.

Oh sorry about the stock livery...  I didn't know the others weren't included before I started.  I do have some downloaded ones now though... (especially like that R2D2 ANA livery)

41475511075_3e3f5a0909_o.jpg787_2 by ryan b, on Flickr

27508138707_e34d6b4d63_o.jpg787_3 by ryan b, on Flickr

41475510955_3d722205b3_o.jpg787_4 by ryan b, on Flickr

27508138477_252fbfd763_o.jpg787_5 by ryan b, on Flickr

41475510675_fd94ffd6bf_o.jpg787_6 by ryan b, on Flickr

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Nice screenshots! 

It's quite an amazing plane. Nice performance (on par with the PMDG planes). Some things could be improved (don't know why you can't see taxiway-designators (names)) on the Airport Map... 

Overall, quite an amazing achievement - especially taking into account, how advanced and complicated the 787 is.

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