CH Throttle Quadrant and Detents

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Hello All:

I recently purchased a CH Products Throttle Quadrant and would like to set up the device to utilize the Idle Cutoff and Prop Feathering detents.

I'd also like to know how to set up reverse thrust, since I may try to fly turbo props in the future.

I have been unable to find a definitive answer online regarding how this may be accomplished.

It it noteworthy to add that I am also using CH Products Rudder Pedals, and a CH Products Flight Sim Yoke. 

The yoke will soon be replaced as I have just purchased a new yoke from Diagma.

So far I have read suggestions that state there are three options regarding configuration:

  1. CH Manager
  3. Prepar3d 

I am fairly certain that there must be a right way and an incorrect way, so I'd like to hear from folks that have successfully setup their CH Throttle Quadrant to fly light twins.




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I have used fsuipc for this,  it is very flexible allowing you to set specific ranges give it a try,  i have not tried feathering but on my ch throttle i have configured closed detent on throttle to open reversers on the pmdg 737, would be the same principle



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I have a very similar issue with the CH throttle quadrant. With the throttles at full stop, passed the detents, my turbo prop (Kodiak) and Eclipse 550 vlj have the reversers on full, which is fine for now. I might want to set a button for that at some time, but no complaints. For my other planes, AFL 172 and Diamond DA-62, being at full stop gives me max throttle, which is terrible. I really need to get it  figured out. We should have the ability to set our controllers differently for each plane (X-plane) and this has been nagging me for a while, and as said by the OP, I haven't seen any conclusive ways to accomplish this anywhere. Should be a fairly simple solution no? 

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As Wayne above said all that and more can be accomplished by using the paid version of FSUIPC.


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