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Mac vs PC

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Windows 10 should only have a full-screen Start Menu (à la Windows 8.1) when in tablet mode. Normally it should pop out like Windows 7 but with a few small tiles (which can be removed or resized. 

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Yes win 10 is switchable between full screen or normal sized start menu and you can set which you want as a default. Full screen start was more of a windows 8 problem.


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On 8/2/2018 at 2:31 AM, tonywob said:

I opted to use this http://www.classicshell.net/ in the end.

Works a treat and gives me back the more efficient start menu.  

Tony, Classic shell is a great product and I used it for a good while until I discovered Winaero tweaker almost 2 years ago.

It is without doubt the product for anyone who loves Win 7 and some control over the look and feel of their OS.

To anyone who gripes about 10 I suggest they try this I have it on 4 Win 10 machines and have installed it countless times on OP PCs.


A.Chryss - near YSCB


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