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Boeing 727 from SETU to SELT (Ecuador)

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Below are a few shots for a flight with the nostalgic Boeing 727 (100 model - thanks to CS) from SETU Airport to the Cotopaxi Intl Airport (SELT). The short flight (~125 miles) is constantly surrounded by 20000' mountains, and overflies the city of Quito, the Capital of Ecuador. The route-map shot is shown with 6-7 INS waypoints. I'm not sure if all 727 had INS, but I believe at least a few did. The INS add-on suggestion was included in the CS manuals.

Cotopaxi Airport is named after the nearby Volcano, which is recorded to have at lest 50 eruptions including one in 2015. It's one of the highest-elevation volcanoes in the world, and considered especially dangerous due to close proximity of dense population.

With due respect and admiration for the real pilots who do it routinely for real, in the simulation, in my first attempt, while descending rapidly to capture the Glideslope to SELT, I ran into a mountain nearabout Cotopaxi. You can locate Cotopaxi on the map by the dark-brown tipped mountain to North-East of SELT (south of Quito/QMS-VOR). The scenery here is unfortunately just default/bland FSX, so there is nothing much to see. Maybe one day, there will be some photoscenery for this region. Aerosoft has an add-on for the "old" Quito airport (the old airport been now replaced by the newer (and safer) Quito Airport - since 2013).

Hope you enjoy the shots for old times' sake (in a classic livery of this plane).

















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23 minutes ago, killthespam said:


Is anybody flying this 727 in P3Dv4.3? How is it?


Not available for x64 yet.

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Yes, correct. I have not been to the Captain Sim website for a few years due to a break in my SIM. I checked a bit today and it does show this aircraft (727) for only " FSX/SE/P3D2/3". I noticed that their 737-200 has a P3D4 version. Both their 727/737 are fun aircraft to fly (without FMC). Please check there for details. All the best!

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