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EGLL-LFPG = Two problems ...

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Hello everyone,

With V, I made an EGLL-LFPG flight, I encountered two problems:

1 / Pilot2ATC gives me two different altitudes to reach: first FL110, second FL060.

2 / Pass BIBAX, while I'm on the right frequencies (automatic change checked and functional), more communications.

PS: Tthe .pdf file of the communications and two screenshots.






Accuracy: I flew twice and each time the same problems.

Thank you in advance if you have an explanation.

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On #1, you were cleared to climb to FL110 via the SID.  The SID has an altitude restriction of 6000, so you must remain at 6000 until past MID, at which point you can start climb to FL110.  As you approach FL110, ATC should then clear you to the next climb altitude.

On #2, did you try seeing if there were other Phrase Types in the blank drop-down?  If there were not, there may have been an error that prevented it from being populated properly.  You can send me your log file to admin@pilot2atc.com and I can check if there are any clues there.

Log files are located in: 
where <UserName> is your PC user name. Portions of the path may be hidden by default, so be sure Windows Explorer has Show Hidden Items checked in the View tab.
A new one is created each time you start Pilot2ATC, so if you take the most recent one when you have the error, you should have the correct one.  


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Hi Dave,

A big thank you for your responsiveness and your consideration.

1 / I understood well that there was a stress of altitude to FL060 until MID.
I understand that for the clearance the ATC say "AIRFRANS Niner Two is cleared to Lima Foxtrot Papa Golf climb via the MID3K departure with the MID transition then as filed Climb to Flight Level One One Zero via the departure".

But then the Ctl tells me a second time to climb: "AIRFRANS Radar Director Niner Two Climbing to Flight Level One One Zero;".

I want to do well, I climb to FL110 !!!

There he says to me: come down ("Descend and Maintain Six Thousand Feet AIRFRANS Niner Two;) !!!

I think the initial message of clearance is OK because this message is general information. But the first message from the Ctl makes me make a mistake, he should have announced "climb and Maintain Six Thousand Feet".

2 / As I wrote, I made two identical flights. I just sent you the logs.

Thanks again Dave.

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"AIRFRANS Radar Director Niner Two Climbing to Flight Level One One Zero;".

it’s not CTL ! It’s your copilot who said that : climbing and not climb !

you was instructed to climb via a star then after a specific transition to climb to FL110. I don’t think there is a mistake. 

Climb or descend via a Sid or a star : you have to follow Sid/star vertical and lateral paths.

fly via Sid/star : you have to follow lateral path, ctrl gives you altitude restrictions.

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Thanks for the information.

It is important to note that I did not write: "I do think there is a mistake" But "the Ctl makes me make a mistake".

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I'm coming back to thank Dave very sincerely for his professionalism and availability.

As he had asked me, I sent him my log files and after studying them, Dave took the time to advise me.

I upgraded V. and flight EGLL-LFPG with the same flight plan and Dave's advice.

Result: No problem.

1. Clearance: inform me FL110 to MID.
2. I put Altitude: FL110, despite the MCDU offering FL060 up to MID.
3. Take off.
4. At 3000Ft Tower asks me to contact RDR-DIR.
5. RDR-DIR asks me to climb FL060.
6. Arrival over France the radio to switch to "Paris Ctr" while watching the radio to switch on "Brst Ctr" (see post # 1).


7. The rest of the flight RAS.

A small complementary request:

After the landing how does the radio communication end?

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When you land, Tower will ask you to advise when clear of active.

Once clear, call tower with "<CallSign> clear of active".

Tower will welcome you and tell you to contact Ground for Taxi.

Switch to taxi and request either Taxi to the Gate or Taxi to the Ramp, depending on where you want to taxi to.  You can set up your desired Ramp or Gate position in the Info window before making the call.  Or you can request "....taxi to Gate Charlie Two Five" to taxi to C25, for example.


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