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5th Hard Core Mkt Post Anniversary

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Noted that your original 'Where is the Hard Core Sim Market Heading' was posted Nov 2011.  As I think we now know, the market is pretty much P3D and X Plane 11.  As for me, I guess I qualify as a hard Core, as I own every FS2 product you released except for the latest PMDG 747 QOTS version (to expensive, plus I am more of a short haul guy) and the IFly product.  I have been simming since FS5.  And how far we have come, the scenery is breathtakingly real, as are the flight models,hardware and VR.

As for me I am pretty happy with where I am in P3D, with my Majestic Dash 400, Aerosoft CRJ 's and Airbuse Pro versions, and my PMDG 737, and 777.  I might consider a 787 if PMDG would ever release one.

I am however, curious about the future of FS2 Crew?  I, for one, would be all over a release for the Aerosoft CRJ's.  Without an autopilot, the CRJ is a handful for a single pilot; although I have made some pretty good checklists with Pilot Assist Pro.   And I would also request maybe thinking about an update for the Airbus Pro P3D V4 ver.  It works fine, but pretty sparse when compared to the PMDG 737 NGX reboot ver.  And...maybe some more female pilots???   

Do I dare mention the status of Ultimate Ground Control?  Your facing some pretty stiff competition from the latest release of GSX,  however it's not very user friendly, at least for me.

In conclusion, I do want to thank you for the real input you have made to the flight sim community.     As I just said, I really miss it when flying My CRJ's, and want to say FS2Crew adds so much to the Flight Sim experience. 


Best of Luck in the Future

Darrel Z




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Hi Darrel,

Our future is P3D, and basically we feel every simmer should move over to P3D 64 bits.  FSX is old news.  P3D 64 bit is where it's at, both now and well into the future.

X-Plane is cool.  I like it.  But we build addons for addons, which means that we have to follow what the big boys do, like PMDG, Aerosoft, Majestic Software, etc.

We anticipate them sticking with P3D.  If the market should suddenly do a 180 and everyone goes to X-Plane, we'd have to follow suite, but that's unlikely.

Our release schedule:

This November we have a slew of updates coming out.

UGCX: Still coming.  We're this close.  It's maddening I know, but it's a very complex program.  Most complex we've ever done.  We don't regard GSX as competition.  No worries for us there.

Future FS2Crew's:  The list is long, but first up we'll be revisiting the Airbus.  We're hoping we can do something at least for the FS Labs Bus.

I recently competed a type rating on the Airbus A320 (real world), so naturally my interest is in making an Airbus program based on my personal experience.


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