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LOD Radius issues

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Can anyone suggest why, or where I need to investigate in P3D4.3, to work out why I cant use a

'Terrain: Level of Detail radius:'

value greater than 'High' without having major scenery/tile issues when at altitude?

When set to HIGH, scenery appears normal throughout the entire flight.

But if I increase this to Ultra, or Max, I start to get large white/light blue tiles appearing/flickering when at altitude. At Ultra the tiles start to appear at mid distance and extend off into the distance and flicker on and off. At Max they appear directly ahead and off to the distance.
Changing this value whilst in flight back down to high, removes the flickering large white/light blue tile issue.

My setup is somewhat non-standard, but I am using a 1080Ti GPU, triple screens for outside view, plus a screen for 2D instrument panel.
I have a 2nd graphics card for 2D instruments only.

GPU monitor seems to show that I dont seem to be using more than about 1/2 available  GPU Vmem, so Im baffled as to what might be causing/triggering this issue.





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You're GPU is only for drawing the autogen, to calculate it is task of your CPU and it seems there is not enough power overhead for these high settings.

System: i9 9900k@4.9 - 32 GB RAM - Aorus 1080ti --- Sim/Addons: P3D v5 with tons of Addons and 3rd Party Airports

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Thanks for the info.

To be honest, Im surprised if Im CPU limited - Im running a 8700K with HT on at 5.2GHz all cores with water cooling, and my temps are around 56 deg C under P3D load. Ive locked my frames at 24fps in P3D.

My 1080Ti is also water cooled and also running around 50 deg C under heavy load.

The strange thing is that the underlying tiles/textures can be seen, its just that these large white tiles keep flashing over the top, disappearing (showing the correct base tiles and then reappearing again.

My main P3D window is displayed on my primary desktop screen, but its set to panel only, so essentially its all black.

The outside view are a new window (no VC) and moved to the triple screens. The 2D instrument panel is another window on the primary desktop screen, sitting over the top of the blank/black main P3D window.


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Could be lots of things unfortunately and it looks like you have a pretty impressive but fairly non standard setup.

Remove the overclock (on the CPU and GPU) and try it on a simple single screen setup with panel and outside view in the same single P3D window and see if that helps.

Then start re instating the extras (OC and screens) until you find the one that causes it.

Could be quite time consuming and fiddly but we're all about to start upgrading to 4.4 shortly so that might be a good time to try this out.

Hope this helps,

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I had flickering in FSX and it was caused by incompatibility between ENBSerie and my Radeon HD6870 graphics card. Are you using any shader mods or injectors, they could be causing this behaviour (TomatoShade, PTA, etc). Also perhaps try a graphics driver update.

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ckyliu, proud supporter of ViaIntercity.com. Find my spec and settings in "About me" on my profile.


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