Deleting unwanted Microsoft aircraft and sceneries?

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I would like to delete most of the pre-installed standard aircraft from FSX-SE.  I rarely fly any of them, including all of the helicopters, and they just clutter up FSX-SE.  The same is true of a lot of standard sceneries.  The problem I have is that the first one I tried, the Microlight, turned out to be critical to the running of FSX - it wouldn't work without it.  Does anyone know what can be safely deleted without causing it to crash?

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OK, I will assume you want to un-clutter your aircraft selection page.  DO NOT.......repeat DO NOT delete any of the aircraft or scenery from your SIM.  A lot of the default aircraft are used as AI (if you don't have any 3rd party AI programs) and they are used in Missions as AI aircraft.   You can make the default aircraft disappear from the selection screen  by adding a ZERO to the panel= in each of the [fltsim.X] for each livery.  So it would be panel=0.  You can go to your Scenery Library and uncheck areas you never or seldom fly in.  Africa, South America, Asia, etc.

I also keep aircraft in "Hangar" folders in my main FSX folder to store unused aircraft like the Trike and Helos.  The Microlight Trike is used for the default flight (if you haven't made any changes to it.)  That's why it's necessary.

Seeing that you use FSX-SE, if you do delete any of your default items, they can be restored using the  "Verify Game Cache".

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One of my number one usages for SIMstarter NG is disabling/enabling aircraft.  It leaves the aircraft on your drive, but removes it from the selection offerings. 


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