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Help with GSX/PMDG 747 & LINDA

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I have the current GSX Library and the current PMDG 747-400 module installed. I can see both via the LINDA interface and have allocated a number of buttons to PMDG functions - no issues.

Upon calling the GSX catering and boarding services, LINDA is failing to open the relevant doors. I can open them manually via the PMDG FMC but if I don't do that I continue to get the GSX SIMCONNECT messages to open the doors and there is no action from LINDA.

When the catering vehicles leave, the R1 door closes automatically, however the R5 door closes and then reopens again. Odd.

Even stranger - Upon GSX boarding complete, LINDA closes L1, L2, FWD CARGO, AFT CARGO but then OPENS L4 AND L5?

It's seems like LINDA is sending the wrong door close messages to the aircraft. 


Any ideas what I might be able to do to further troubleshoot this? I would have thought lots of people would have reported it if it was a common problem. 

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Any solution for this?

I have +/- the same behaviour;

I'm not using the boarding features, but while deboarding no door wil be opened, i have to do it manually...

This is for PMDG B747, on the PMDG B737 all works fine!

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I currently do not know how the option is named correctly.

But have a look in the 747 configuration (via FMS), there should be sth. like automatic door arming or similar. Try to change it and have a look if it works then ...

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