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Can I setup a bezel click to close a GTN popup?

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I am using the RXP GTN tool to replace my F1 GTN VC gauges in various planes where only the F1 units are supported, such as A2A and Carenado aircraft. I find, however, that I am unable to close a GTN popup window by clicking on the popup's left bezel as I can do with the F1 popups. Is there a way to implement this feature for the RXP popup windows? I have played with some settings in the ini file, but haven't found anything that will work.



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Hi Robert,

yes you can configure all this in the RealityXP.GTN.ini file. It is very flexible, and sometimes daunting consequently. The basics are documented in the User's Manual. TLDR; a panel can have multiple instances of the same gauge (say popup + VC) and each instance can be specifically configured with a dedicated section in the INI file, referenced by a name of your choosing as the gauge 5th parameter in the gauge##= in the panel.cfg file.

Once you get these basics, it is very easy: the default INI file created the first time you run the GTN in any aircraft also includes a 'default' section which is used by all instances. You can re-use the default section as a template to add your own (copy/paste/rename the section in the ini file).

Once you do, you can configure popleft and popright settings.

NB: there is a known bug in v2.5.10 which prevents the keyboard shortcut dedicated to toggling the popup window from working, this is identified and will be fixed in the next update.

There are a few discussion you can read to further you knowledge of the 'pop' settings:



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Just to give you another option..

I can identify with the temptation to try to close the GTN popup window by clicking on the lower left frame... some of us have done this for years...

So, even though it might be better to switch to some other way, as explained in the previous post, here is what you can do to make it work..

1. Add a Toggle clickspot to the frame (edit the panel.cfg file with Notepad)


window_size= 0.340, 0.600
gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0, 0,937,887

2. Create a ToggleGTN.xml file

Again, using Notepad, create and save the following text as a ToggleGTN.xml file

<Gauge Name="ToggleGTN" Version="1.0">
   <Image Name="Blank.bmp"/>
       <Area Left="0" Top="0" Width="30" Height="30">
        <Cursor Type="Hand" />
        <Click>14401 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) </Click>

3. Create a little bmp file with all black content, and call it Blank.bmp

You can search for "Iconpanel_Background.bmp" on your computer and use a copy. It is just what you need.

4. Create a folder as a subfolder to the panel folder and call it MyFolder

5. Drop the xml file and the bmp file into this folder

That is it!  :smile:

BTW, the names MyFolder, ToggleGTN, and Blank are arbitrary.. use whatever names you like.  Just be consistent.

HO-HO-HO and Merry Christmas!




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