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VFR: landscape art - star of Neufbrisach, France (photoreal)

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Very interesting. I would love to go exploring there on foot (real world).


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Sorry, John, for my late reponse due to vacancies.

I've been there in real life on a long bicycle-tour through alsace with a school friend (long time ago).
Yes, it's very pretty there as everywhere in Alsace. But not sooo much exciting as one might think, because you can see these interesting geometrical structures only on a map or from above in a plane.

That's why I like flightsimming so much. You can see very interesting structures, be it man made or be it natural like volcanoes, calderas, meandering rivers and river knees, river deltas, and tectonic specialities.

There is always a lot to discover on photorealistic sceneries.

Nice flights, Peter

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