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Maiden Captain Sims C-130 Flight

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Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a nice Lockheed C-130E flight from PAFA Fairbanks International Airport located three miles southwest of the central business district of Fairbanks, Alaska to CYDA Dawson City Airport located 8 nautical miles east of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

CYDA Dawson City airport is TOTALLY impossible to land UNLESS all of you tell me that Microsoft built that airport in wrong way for FSX.

Airborne on climb to FL190 after my first Captain Sims C-130 take off from PAFA runway 02L for my first payware C-130 flight


Still climbing


Now cruising at FL190


Beautiful three color tone winter sky



Here is my new office!!  (yeah four red lights in overhead panel is making me nervous)



On final runway approach to runway 03 for SECOND attempt to land on that airport which turns out to be totally impossible to land on EITHER side of runway!!


Yeah little dive is required to make successful landing on that extremely difficult airport



Seconds before touchdown




Braking down (good thing that C-130 has outstanding extremely short runway performance since I had landed in middle of runway)


Parked with marvelous view of winter sky


Thank you for viewing.  Stay tuned for next exciting flight.



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Great set! I like the cargo livery on the C-130.

Intel i-9 9900k @ 5.0 Ghz, EVGA 2080ti FTW3 11Gb, Corsair H115 PRO water cooler, Gigabyte Aorus Master motherboard, EVGA Super Nova 1000 watt G+ power supply, G.SKILL 64Gb ram @3800 MHz, HP EX 920 M.2  PCIe 3TB,Windows 10 Pro x64

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Beautiful shots, as always, Aharon.

The issue with CYDA is that the runway numbers were changed to reflect the current magnetic declination in the area.  The default airport in FSX is numbered 02/20.  The fix for that is easy if you have ever used Airport Design Editor (ADE) from scruffyduck.  I just corrected the runway to read 03/21 and changed the approaches to match the new runway numbers.

By the way, there are no approaches to runway 03 in place in default FSX, but there is a current RNAV approach to 03 that exists so I added that too.  All done courtesy of current charts and ADE. 

You really should download ADE and get familiar with it.  I use it pretty much on a weekly basis to fix airports that have new runways not in FSX, renumbered runways, new taxiways, new approaches...a whole gamut of things are possible with ADE.  I even correct airports that have had a name change.  The one that comes to mind is KFCA, Glacier Park Int'l,  in Montana changing to KGPI.

I also used ADE to correct the many, many runways in Alaska that have changed numbers or moved (to work for the VA you and I belong to).


Edited by Ramjett

Randy Tyndall

You never lose the buzz of flying. Every time you take off, it feels a bit naughty, as if you're doing something you shouldn't do...Matt Jones, Boultbee Flight Academy

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JohnF, Pugilist2, and Ramjett,

Thanks for your kind words.

Ramjett known as famous Randy Tyndall,

GREAT to hear from you and happy New Year to you!!!!  As for difficulty of landing on CYDA, it has nothing nothing to do with change of runway numbers due to magnetic changes as I have no problem with different runway numbers in many other airports.

The trouble with FSX defaut CYDA airport scenery and difficulty to land there is that  Microsoft designed wrong high hills or mountains on both ends of runway!!  You cannot approach both ends of single runway without hitting high hills or mountains due to Microsoft's wrong design of the surrounding areas of the CYDA scenery placing TOO high mountains or hills in front of both ends of runway.

Why CYDA is totally impossible for me to land can be seen on those 2 videos (look for TOO HIGH HILLS on both ends of single runway meaning if I want to land, I have to fly over TOO high hillls and then DIVE steep and then land.

Look at this DC-6 taking right turn after take off to avoid too high hills but that does not help me as I need to land!!












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