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Having been a long time and diehard PTA fan, I've  given up on waiting for updates. Does anyone watch Matt D's streams and if so has he said anything about updates?  He seems more interested in his PPL these days (which of course is fine), but you can never trust the continuity of the products.

Seems to be much more going on in the tomato salad bowl.

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Hi Enric,

Totally agree, the best painters all seem to now be working with Tomato, Tomato becoming needed to enjoy there work and I don't blame them, they look fantastic. As it stands it leaves people using Envshade and PTA locked out. I have no idea if the option withing PTA will restore my shaders back so Tomato will be ok. 

I also have no idea where to start in making all the reflections look as good as they do particularly on the FSL. I have no idea if all the top painters use the same profiles or not. What's the best ones? Do they max refections in P3D because that's a big hit or is low-mid OK, I have no idea I wish I did?

Am not too bothered about setting up Tomato like my PTA as I use Matts with a few changes. 

I wish one of the top painters would do a big guild/walkthrough to help with the move. Because it seems on the cards.

As for "news", I heard that Matt users PTA with Tomato for reflections! Don't take that as 100% right. But on the PTA forum, he says there is a total rebuilt coming. So who knows.

I would love to keep my PTA but would love to enjoy the amazing livery's that need Tomato to enjoy fully. It's frustrating. With some help from a painter/someone I would love to make the jump, but if Matt makes PTA with the next build compatible with Tomato then...................who knows?

What I do know It's frustrating not to enjoy the best looking livery's out there because am using the "wrong" shader. It might well be time to jump ship onto Tomato to fully enjoy P3D and the latest and greatest liveries.

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I'm not too concerned about aircraft reflections.  I haven't seen any which particularly blow me away, but then again,  I haven't seen many either.    I'm more interested in environmental enhancements.    

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1 hour ago, ErichB said:

I'm not too concerned about aircraft reflections.  I haven't seen any which particularly blow me away,

+1 here.   I spend 99% of the time in the cockpit, so ....And tomatos are for free


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