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It is so odd, although I started my flight training under light sport I ended it as an ultralight trike pilot.  My light sport CFI wanted to solo me after only my third lesson and asked me to mentally prepare.  I knew myself, I was not trained well enough for "what if" since light sport aircraft worked with less reliable motors than GA aircraft, or less reliable airframes, in the case of one vendor who suffered from wing spar failures in the high g turns all pilots are forced to practice, short of spinning.  I felt and still feel thousands of times safer, as a solo pilot, on trikes but owning one other than in my sims became out of the question, storage and setup being the issue, which cause early wear and tear on a mighty investment.

I realized after being run over by a truck at 35 mph the other day that I could survive a trike crash, 35 mph seems to be the limit but people have perished falling off a bike at 10 mph, so I qualify that.  You need God with you and you have to acknowledge God not as their higher power, but yours, it is the Freemason's way a Freemason friend and pilot has taught me.  He says he worships the door knob and I know why---if you can open one in spite of your daily aches and pains however they come, then you are alive and the door knob is there to let you know it, lol!  Took me a long time to figure out that philosophy which I have heard was also handed down thru AA or other self realization, drug free as one can be, programs (I went to a Christian Rock concert and just had the luck to be seated with some cool AA dudes celebrating their freedom from alcohol, but they smoked like Chimneys and smoking and flying do not mix well in certain aircraft like dirigibles and so on and so on).

Anyway, I conclude this with memory of a dream I had just last night.  A father was trying to teach his sons how to fly an ultralight and they kept having (thankfully) non injury crashes that sure irked us and other airstrip observers.  I have lucid dream memory if the dreams are trying to teach me about past or present mistakes.  They invited me to come back the next evening to teach them how to teach their kids to take off, and take offs are my best specialty, I nailed them from lesson one in 2006, and my CFI told me yes, it was not from just simming, it was how I simmed, because I would set up the weather with variable crosswinds so I could learn rudder dancing, being light on one's feet as possible.

But I reviewed their equipment, and that is where I failed them, they were not using their equipment upstairs.  They were preparing their children for wheels up but not for those critical moments of being stable, which is what my lifesavers from my car accident focussed on several days ago when I was run over.  Sure it was just a dream but that is what a good CFI drills in you--do not hypnotize yourself with instruments, whether you are a driver, like the one who hit me was, a pedestrian, like I was since I did not account for my left blindnesses and thus broke my rule as I should have crossed against the traffic, or as a pilot u must know where to hold 'em, and where to fold em'  I had two CFI's one young and one old who taught me just that, and who made me realize accept for a trike or PPC, I am better off flying with advice in my ears than without it, as these pilots knew to do. 

That is how religion is part of our lives, because in its simplest form, all religion is is accepting advice then making the best decision we can based on it, we do not need a church or walls but we were all, most of us here, taught in some form of faith, in our parents, our teachers, our forum mods our classrooms and so on whether we chose to become butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, or whatever we wanted to be.  As long as we follow absent minded but not so absent minded Dory's advice in finding Nemo, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, we can manage crisis.  She was not so absent minded as the movie portrayed, she was an imprinter, awakening memories and strengths in the weaker one in that movie, at the beginning, the father that tries to override the chillin mother in us...

Cactus521 aka Johnny-Cat

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That is just vindication for Radloff.

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A plane carrying the University of Michigan basketball team had already reached the critical speed at which pilots could no longer stop it on the runway.

After the accident, the pilots faced criticism for aborting the takeoff after the plane reached the speed at which pilots must commit to take off -- or almost certainly overshoot the runway even with heavy braking.

The captain's last-second decision to abort the takeoff in the 2016 incident might have prevented a disaster, safety officials said Thursday.



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There was already a thread on this topic, so I merged them together, leaving the older post's title.

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