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LorbyLiveTraffic: a note about crashes in simulator AI mode

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Hello @ll,

the last few weeks I have been running many tests with LorbyLiveTraffic, trying to find the cause for the simulator crashing when using the "Simulator AI" mode (where the real world aircraft fly as simulator controlled AI, interacting with ATC etc.).

The bad news is, that there isn't a clear cause. The same aircraft being assigned the same flight plan will sometimes crash the sim, at other times it doesn't. It also depends on the active scenery, an AI plane might crash the sim when using the same airport from an addon developer as opposed to the default. My best guess is that it has something to do with the ATC mechanics in the sim, but I can't prove that.

The good news is, that there seem to be ways around that. I was using FLAI for all my tests, and at a certain point I noticed that there was always the same airplane model involved when the sim crashed - in this case the FLAi_FAIB_A320IAE* . So I replaced these FLAI Airbus models with those from MyTraffic - and haven't had a crash since.

What I did to replace the FLAI A320 IAE:

  1. Copied the A320MX folder from MT6 to the FLAI airplane folder
  2. Then used the Database Editor dialog of LLTX:
    • Sorted the "Aircraft models" list by clicking on the column header "Model"
    • Scrolled to the part where the models named "FLAi_FAIB_A320IAE..." are
    • Selected all of them and assigned the ICAO Airline "n/a" - that makes them irrelevant for LLTX
    • Then I used the "Add models to Database" section to navigate to my copied "A320MX" folder and "Scan folder" it (scan only that A320MX directory, not all of  FLAI !!)
    • This adds the MT6 A320 models to the main list above, while leaving their ICAO Airline column empty
    • Then I sorted by "ui_variation" and just scrolled through the list for those empty ICAO Airline cells, assigning the correct ICAO codes as I went

Make sure to always use the latest version of LorbyLiveTraffic. I am working on and with this app all the time, fixing bugs and adding new features.

Best regards

Edited by Lorby_SI

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