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On 3/8/19 I purchased the Ford Trimotor from CR-1 Software.  The payment processed normally (4 days ago).  However I have not received a confirmation/registration/download email.  Has CR-1 Software gone out of business and their old website is running on auto-pilot?  There seems to be no activity on the website since 2012.


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Yeah, I did the same a while back and never got the thing either. It wasn't a lot that I paid, but even so, I still expected to get the thing lol. However, I put that one down to experience.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, bigmike said:

Hi guys,

have a look here,Tom from CR1 is back again and you could try to contact him.


Appreciate the link Mike, but frankly, it is up to a vendor to make the effort to supply things people have bought off their website when that is what was promised at the point of purchase. And if they were not going to do that because they had decided to take a break for a while, they should have disabled the sales mechanism or took the web store down completely to ensure they could do so without jibbing anyone out of money.

The fact is, I'm not going chasing after someone who couldn't be bothered to at least make the effort to ensure he didn't inadvertently rip people off by disappearing and not attending to his business and not answering an email query about why I hadn't got what I'd paid for; so instead, this guy can chase me, find me, and get what I bought off him to me on his time, and hope that I forgive such shoddy behaviour whilst he's at it. It is the very least a vendor can do, considering they've had money for ages and delivered nothing.

People get away with this kind of completely unacceptable nonsense far too often on web stores and with software download sales and we just put up with it because we can't get hold of the person. If the proprietor of a bricks and mortar shop behaved like that, everyone in the town would be after their hide.

I don't care that it wasn't much money, it's the principle of the matter. He should be ashamed of behaving like that toward customers. It's disgraceful.

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I purchased the Tri also about a month ago and the same thing...never got a download link.  Not being one to give up, albeit the $6.99 price wasn't spendy by any means, I sent an email to them and got a very, very quick response...within minutes...with a download link that worked perfectly.



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Hate to hear these stories, vendors in my opinion who sell products should invest in an automated link system for those who purchase their products.  There are laws regarding such purchases and making reasonable accommodation between the customer and vendor, without them we would have never made it out of the dark ages.  Vendors who dilly dally are using customers to subsidize their development, which we agree to a certain extent, yet again it comes to reasonable accommodation and honesty.  I have only once or twice not received download links but the vendors I dealt with did handle the matter with a great deal of dignity for both parties, with a simple "my bad" email followed by a link and of course the good product I wanted  Every single piece of payware I have on my system has been worth it, worth the money time and effort I give to the vendors who give us every nut bolt and jiggle of a gauge we desire.  I hope and pray they someday make reams more money than I have ever made for the entertainment they have given this ol' retiree

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